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estetik cerrahi


estetik cerrahi  Welcome to my website about penis enlargement and other male genital aesthetic surgeries. I (Op. Dr. Oytun İdil) is a plastic surgeon. So I don't just do penis enlargement. Some people think I'm a urologist because I've heard a lot about this; I am not. I am a plastic surgery specialist working on aesthetic surgery, but in the last 10-12 years I have specialized in some surgeries. I don't do some surgeries at all (e.g. rhinoplasty). On the other hand, I do many surgeries that many plastic surgeons are not interested in. For example, penis enlargement, tongue reduction, drooling surgery (drooling surgery: an operation in which saliva flow is cut from the mouth in spastic patients), such as Adam's apple reduction... The areas I work most are male genital aesthetics (penis enlargement) and silicone implant surgeries ( breast augmentation, butt augmentation, leg aesthetics with silicone implants, chest muscle aesthetics with pectoral implants in men). Please watch the video below about my other surgeries.

Warning to our patients who are planning to have surgery in our clinic!!

estetik cerrahi  Before planning to come to Istanbul for penis enlargement surgery, make sure to:

estetik cerrahi  Read the "Are you suitable for this surgery?" box below. If you think you are suitable for surgery, continue from the second item.

estetik cerrahi  Read the articles on this website..

estetik cerrahi  Watch the videos in the Videos section. Some videos may not be dubbed in the appropriate language. Incomplete dubbed videos will be completed over time.

estetik cerrahi  Contact us (Whatsapp +90 533 5690649, e-mail oytunmd@gmail.com).

estetik cerrahi  If you want to see a sample patient photo, please send an e-mail to oytunmd@gmail.com. We can only send sample patient photos by e-mail.

estetik cerrahi  If you wish, we can plan your surgery program during the correspondence process.

estetik cerrahi   When you come for the surgery, you will need to sign the informed consent form prepared for the surgery on the day of the examination. You can download and read the consent form from the forms page.

estetik cerrahi  When planning your surgery date, please consider the dates on the calendar page. On some dates, I may be abroad, on vacation or at a congress. I announce the dates that I am not available on the calendar page..

estetik cerrahi  When you arrive in Istanbul on the planned day, our driver will meet you and transfer you to your hotel or clinic.

estetik cerrahi  On your way back after your surgery, our driver will drop you off at the airport.

estetik cerrahi  After the surgery, Dr. oytun idil will follow up. For communication, you will be in contact with Dr oytun idil via Whatsapp and e-mail from Dr oytun idil's own mobile phone.

estetik cerrahi  We do not cooperate with any intermediary firm, website or health tourism company. Communication with me (Dr. Oytun İdil) only via my own mobile phone (GSM / Whatsapp: +90 533 5690649) and e-mail (oytunmd@gmail.com) you can install. Messages you write to intermediary health sites will not reach me.

estetik cerrahi  We accept revision cases that have been operated in other clinics and have failed the surgery. Revision surgeries cost more. We determine the cost of the revision surgery after examining the patient.

estetik cerrahi  We have been recording all our surgeries with video for the last 14 years. These records are important for the follow-up and follow-up of our patients in the following years. It is imperative that our patients who will undergo surgery give permission for their surgeries to be video recorded. The videos are stored in our clinic and are not published in any media. It is not shared on social media.

You want to have penis enlargement surgery.. Are you suitable for this surgery?

estetik cerrahi  In order to get results from penis enlargement surgery, you must meet certain criteria. These criteria are especially important for patients coming from abroad. It would not be nice to come to Turkey for surgery and hear that you are not suitable for surgery. Please see if you meet the criteria listed below.

estetik cerrahi  In erection, the length of the penis should be at least 10 cm. If the length of the penis is less than 10 cm in an erection, the lengthening process will not be successful. To achieve surgical lengthening, the penis must be at least 10 cm long at erection.

estetik cerrahi  There should be fat tissue that can be removed from the belly, waist sides or legs. Thickening is done by oil injection. Therefore, I do not recommend that very thin patients undergo surgery. Sometimes just having belly fat is not enough. If the fat tissue in the belly is in the abdomen and around the intestines, we cannot take this fat and use it. You should be able to hold the fat tissue in the belly by hand. Only palpable fat tissue on the abdominal muscle can be removed and used for thickening.

estetik cerrahi  You must not have any psychiatric illness. This applies to all plastic surgeries. Patients with a diagnosis of psychiatric illness and taking psychotic drugs are not suitable for this surgery.

estetik cerrahi  Penis enlargement surgery does not give very good results in patients with retracted penis. So, if your penis shrinks and shrinks too much while it's soft, you're not a good candidate. In patients with a retracted penis, only the head of the penis is usually visible during examination. Normally, in cold weather, penile tissue shrinks in everyone. It's normal. Cases that are not suitable for surgery are cases where the penis shrinks under all conditions and there is a collapse in the tissue so that only the penis head is visible. This is fine if your penis is drooping 8-10 cm out when it is soft. Such patients are much more suitable for surgery. In such non-retracted cases, elongation can occur when the penis is both soft and hard. In such cases, the results are very successful.

estetik cerrahi  Some additional deformities can affect the result in a good way. For example, if there is excess fat on the penis (pubis area), we remove this fat by liposuction during the surgery. The reduction of lubrication around the penis reinforces the effect of penis enlargement. In addition, some patients have penoscrotal web at the same time. The penoscrotal web is an excess of skin that runs under the penis, between the penis and testicles. It makes the penis look short and makes intercourse difficult. If the patient has a penoscrotal web, we correct it during the penis enlargement surgery. Correction of the penoscrotal web has a positive effect on the result.

estetik cerrahi  The success of penis enlargement surgery is closely related to the nutritional regimen. This subject is not mentioned in any medical book or articles written on this subject. At the end of our 20 years of experience, we have seen that the fat taken from the belly of people who eat animal origin gives very good results and does not melt for years. That's why we always got very good results in patients from Europe and South America. European patients regularly take animal fat (lard) with food. Meat is very cheap in South America. That's why they have a meat-based diet. Very good results are also obtained in patients from countries such as Peru and Argentina. On the contrary, in people who eat plant-based diets (Mediterranean diets), the adipose tissue injected into the penis melts to some extent. In these patients, it is necessary to make an additional fat injection once or twice in the future.

estetik cerrahi  You should not have intercourse for 3 weeks after the operation. Unfortunately, patients who have many partners and have an active sexual life, unfortunately, cannot stop without intercourse for 3 weeks. If you cannot stop having intercourse within the first 3 weeks after the operation, you should not have this surgery.

estetik cerrahi  Buried penis cases are not very suitable patients for penis enlargement surgery. In these patients, it is aimed to save the penis from its buried position, not lengthening. The result may be disappointing for patients seeking lengthening and thickening.

estetik cerrahi  The penile skin should be loose. If the skin of the penis stretches when you hold and pull, good results are obtained without thickening. If the penis skin is too tight, cannot be grasped and pulled with two fingers, the patient is not a good patient for thickening. In addition, the thick skin of the penis also affects the result of the surgery in a good way. Very thin penile skin shows the roughness of fat injection.

estetik cerrahi  Patients who have erection problems are not very suitable for this surgery. I recommend that these patients first receive treatment for their erectile dysfunction. Patients who have had diabetes for a long time, those aged 70-75 years, and those who have had a kidney transplant are not suitable for this surgery.

estetik cerrahi  We cannot accept HIV+ patients for this surgery. If you have such a diagnosis, you should know it. Before the surgery, we check each of our patients for HIV testing. If your blood test is HIV+ at the last minute, your surgery will be canceled.

Official links about Dr. Oytun idil:

estetik cerrahi  Dr. Oytun İdil is a member of the Turkish Plastic Surgery Association.

estetik cerrahi  Dr. Oytun İdil has a health tourism authorization certificate.

Male genital plastic surgeries..

estetik cerrahi  Male genital plastic surgeries, which are intensively performed all over the world, have started to be performed frequently in our country in recent years, and even became a new trend. Unfortunately, there is a tremendous amount of information pollution on the internet about this subject. Let's sit crooked and speak correctly, some of our physician friends are trying to attract these patients with false promises. No, sir, those who claim to have elongated 5 cm, 3 cm from the top, 3 cm from the bottom, and those who claim to have extended 6 cm in total. . Most of what is said is false.

estetik cerrahi  We accept revision cases that have been operated in other clinics and whose surgery has been unsuccessful. The cost of revision surgeries is higher. We determine the cost of the revision surgery after examining the patient.

estetik cerrahi  Penis enlargement surgeries have their limits. If the results that can be obtained with the surgery are not explained well to the patient, the patient will be disappointed. This site was created to provide objective, accurate and up-to-date information about penis enlargement and other male genital plastic surgeries.

My presentations and trainings about penile surgery:

estetik cerrahi  5 november 2018: We held a training meeting on penis enlargement surgery with my private plastic surgeon friends in Bursa. I'm the one with the long hair and the bum outfit :-P

estetik cerrahi  I (Op. Dr. Oytun İdil) have been working mainly on plastic surgery since 2000. I started to focus on male genital plastic surgery since 2004. I made presentations at various congresses and symposiums on this subject; I gave male genital aesthetics courses to our plastic surgeon friends... I was invited to some universities and cities outside of Istanbul, and I made presentations and training meetings on the subject. I still attend such training meetings.

estetik cerrahi  24 april 2019.. This time, I gave a more updated version of the presentation I gave at Cerrahpaşa medical faculty, this time in the plastic surgery department at anchor medical school. I shared all my experience about penis enlargement surgeries with my colleagues in the faculty. It was also enjoyable to make a presentation today at the university I graduated from exactly 29 years ago.

Why is penis enlargement surgery not the most performed surgery in the world?

estetik cerrahi  If we think logically, an operation like "penis enlargement surgery" should normally be the most performed surgery in the world, but it is not. Why?

estetik cerrahi  As a result of my experience of nearly 20 years, I can easily say that there are several reasons why this surgery is not performed as widely as it should be. First, I think this surgery is almost completely misdescribed in classical plastic surgery books. The surgical technique described in the books is almost entirely flawed. When this surgery is performed as in the books, it causes many complications. Secondly, plastic surgeons could not understand the nature of this surgery. The reason for this is that the penis area has its own characteristics. In this region, the surgical principles that work in other parts of the body do not work. Plastic surgeons, unfortunately, approach breast, face or nose surgery in the penis area as if they are approaching, therefore they are unsuccessful. Third is that plastic surgeons approach this surgery only from a visual point of view. Penis enlargement surgery is not a visual surgery like rhinoplasty or face lift. On the contrary, it is a completely tactile operation performed for the purpose of sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, there is not a word about the tactile aspect of this surgery in plastic surgery books. The point of view of plastic surgeons on this surgery is fundamentally wrong. Fourth is that research on penis enlargement today is very wrong. Clinics that do not understand the nature of the penis area are still working on wrong paths and without results. For example, many studies have been published trying to keep the injected fat tissue alive in penis enlargement. These studies are completely wrong. The fat tissue injected into the penis should not remain alive and turn into fibrous tissue. As proof of this, I can point to the fact that the penis naturally has no fat in the subcutaneous tissue. Normally, there are no fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue of the penis. We inject oil for thickening, but we do not want this oil to remain alive. The fibrotic residual tissue remaining from the adipose tissue provides thickness. On the other hand, the penis is a tissue that becomes erect and hardens. Therefore, there should be no soft and lively adipose tissue under the skin. Therefore, I think that all of the clinics trying to keep the injected adipose tissue alive are on the wrong track. Watch my videos on this subject (in the videos section)..

estetik cerrahi  I have been working on penis enlargement surgery for nearly 20 years in Istanbul. With the advantage of working in Istanbul, I had the chance to evaluate the results of both patients from Europe and those from Anatolia. In this way, I saw that the result of the surgery is highly related to the patient's diet. Since the nutritional regimes of patients from Europe and those from Anatolia are different, the results of the surgery are also very different. In general, the fat tissue injected into the penis in our patients who are fed with animal origin remains without losing volume for many years. In people who eat plant-based sources, the injected fat is lost and one year later, fat injection is required. It is written in the books as if the fat tissue taken from each patient is the same. The reality is not like this. The structure of fat tissue varies from person to person. This change in the structure of fat depends on the person's eating habits. This affects the success of the surgery. Unfortunately, this connection has not been established in any plastic surgery book until today.

estetik cerrahi  Since 2009, we have videotaped all of our surgeries from start to finish. We still continue to record all our surgeries. One source of my extensive experience with this surgery is these video recordings. Another source of my experience is that I work in Istanbul. Istanbul is located in the middle of the eastern and western world. In this way, I had the opportunity to compare the European people, where lard is used abundantly, and the Anatolian people, who are fed with liquid vegetable oil (olive oil, sunflower oil, hazelnut oil, etc.). This surgery gives better results in people who are definitely fed with animal food and oil. Only a surgeon working in Istanbul who has been video-recording every operation for years could understand this. This kind of work had never been done before me.

estetik cerrahi  We took biopsies from some of our patients in the postoperative period and checked the fate of the adipose tissue we injected. One of the reasons I have so much experience on this subject is these biopsies.

estetik cerrahi  Today, I'm sure that this surgery is written almost entirely wrongly in classical medical books. That's why I've modified both the "penis lengthening" and the "penis thickening" part of the surgery over the years. The penis enlargement surgery I performed today is very different from the surgery description in the books.

estetik cerrahi  One of the reasons for my success in the surgery is the special surgical instrument called "idil penis retractor" that I designed for this surgery. Thanks to this tool, we have the chance to advance the penile tissue as far as possible. This maximizes the extension process. Some clinics recommend penis pulling exercise to their patients after surgery. They say, "Pull out the penis at home. Do this as much as you can in the evening." This is not necessary in our surgeries, because with the "idil penis retractor" we are already pushing the penis out as far as possible. It is not possible for the penis to be pulled out any further. Therefore, our patients do not need penis pulling exercise.

estetik cerrahi  These days, I am writing a medical book and article that will change all surgical techniques and rules regarding this surgery. I plan to publish them in 2024.

Why should you choose us for penile surgery?

estetik cerrahi  We do this surgery differently than in the classic books, because over the years we have modified the defected parts of the surgery. We redesigned almost the entire surgery from the ground up..

estetik cerrahi  We do not cut the suspension tie exactly (100%) as in the books. Only the upper 80% of the suspension tie should be cut. Complete cutting of this ligament leads to loss of bone support at the back of the penis. It becomes difficult to engage. In addition, if the suspensory ligament is completely cut, there will be no connection to the penis, and it may even lead to shortening of the organ. In fact, it is only 80% cut of the suspensory ligament.

estetik cerrahi  The healthiest and most effective technique for thickening is fat injection. Thickening of the penis cannot be achieved with the skin taken from the groin or with artificial substances. How long the oil will provide a volume effect depends entirely on the patient's diet. There is no loss of injected fat in patients fed animal origin. On the other hand, there is some volume loss in the injected oil in patients fed with plant origin. In these patients, fat injection should be done once again in the future.

estetik cerrahi  In my surgeries, I use a surgical instrument of my own design called the "idyll penis retractor" that maximizes the lengthening process. Thanks to this tool, the lengthening process is as good as it can be. The patient does not need to do penis pulling exercises at home after the surgery.

estetik cerrahi  Some surgeons misunderstand this surgery. They think "penis enlargement surgery" is surgery to enlarge small penises. It's hard to believe, but even the name of the surgery is misunderstood. The result of this surgery is completely proportional to the size of the penis itself. If the penis is shorter than 10 cm in erection, the operation is unsuccessful. In other words, penis enlargement cannot be performed on penises shorter than 10 cm. This surgery is not a small penis enlargement surgery. In fact, it is surgery to make "normal" or "large" penises even larger.

estetik cerrahi  The oil injected into the penis should not remain alive and return to fibrous tissue. In other words, the injected adipose tissue should not live and die; The residual tissue of the fat cells should be left behind for the sole purpose of providing volume. Unfortunately, for some reason, many clinics all over the world are trying to keep the injected adipose tissue alive. All articles published on this subject and entered the medical literature are wrong! The oil injected into the penis should not remain alive. Clinics that try to keep the oil alive do this with the hope that the volume-providing effect of the oil will last for years. However, it is not related to the fact that the bulking effect of the oil lasts for years, does not suffer from loss and remains alive. This is completely related to the diet of the patient. All clinics trying to keep the injected oil alive are in a futile effort.

estetik cerrahi  I have close to 20 years of clinical experience on this surgery. During this time, I did not experience a single serious complication. I have never been sued with a patient. On the contrary, I usually receive messages and feedback from my patients expressing their satisfaction. I attribute this to my doing the surgery "as it should be".

estetik cerrahi  I personally take care of all my patients. My patients can call me on my mobile phone whenever they want. We usually communicate via whatsapp. If they want to consult about something after the surgery, they send a message or a photo via WhatsApp. I get back to all messages immediately. My mobile phone numbers (+90 533 5690649 and +90 505 2965569) have been the same since 2000. All my old and new patients can reach me at any time and get answers.

estetik cerrahi  We have been recording all our surgeries on video since the year 2000. We photograph the penis at the beginning and end of the operation. These documentations are invaluable for your follow up. You can watch the video of your surgery whenever you want, even if it has been years.

estetik cerrahi  We accept revision surgeries of cases that have been operated in other clinics and have not been successful. Revision surgeries cost more. We determine the cost of the revision surgery after examining the patient.

I never do these things.

estetik cerrahi  Penis filler application: The enlargement of the glans penis with filler application was heard in 2003 at the end of a study conducted in Korea. In our country, this application is made with the claim that it treats premature ejaculation. Treatment of premature ejaculation falls under the field of psychiatry. There is no surgical treatment for premature ejaculation; There is no medication or filling treatment. In addition, since the head of the penis consists only of erectile tissue, it is extremely dangerous to inject any substance or drug here. It can lead to serious complications, up to loss of the glans penis (there was such a case in Istanbul in the past years that resulted in necrosis of the glans penis). I definitely do not recommend this application, I do not do it. If it is done for the treatment of premature ejaculation, it is useless anyway. If you have premature ejaculation problem, definitely see a psychiatrist, because this problem is in the field of psychiatry. Your cure is there. Watch the video below (only in Turkish)

estetik cerrahi  Penis enlargement with the Perovic technique: It is a brutal and risky operation in which the glans penis is partially separated from the body and a cartilage piece taken from the rib is inserted. There are also variations of this technique in which the body of the penis is cut and lengthened. Frankly, when I saw and read this technique in books, I got goosebumps; because he talks about splitting the penile tissue in two to lengthen the penis. While our method does not harm the integrity of the penis, the Perovic method divides the penis into two.. The only good thing about the Perovic technique is that it works even in cases of micropenis, as it literally lengthens the penile tissue by adding cartilage. In the case of penile enlargement by cutting the classical suspensory ligament, the suspensory ligament is cut and the inside part of the penis is slid out as a block without disturbing the integrity of the penis, so it does not work in micropenis cases. The larger the penis, the better the result in the surgery where the classical suspensory ligament is cut. The surgery, in which the classical suspensory ligament is cut, is extremely safe, but it does not work in cases of micropenis or short penis, as the result is obtained depending on the size of the penis itself. Perovic, on the other hand, provides elongation even in micropenis cases, as a cartilage piece is put in between; but at what cost! If you risk losing the glans or half of the penis!

I think it's one of the riskiest surgeries in medicine. I definitely don't recommend it and I don't do it. I gave some information here, because patients read and ask me about this method on the internet. I don't think you should even consider the Perovic method.. Even in Perovic's own articles, unfortunate cases of complete or partial loss of the glans penis are described. This is not a risk that can be taken.

estetik cerrahi  Foreskin recovery: Foreskin restoration has been asked a lot lately. This is possible, but it is a very risky surgery. Besides, I don't think it does much. That's why I don't. I explained detailed information about the surgery on the "Circumcision and circumcision errors".

"İdil penis surgery", is a registered trademark of Dr. Oytun idil.

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