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estetik cerrahi



estetik cerrahi Question: What is penis enlargement basically and how is it done?
Answer: Basically, 2 processes are performed. Thickening and lengthening. No tissue or part is added for the extension process. The penis is an organ, one-third of which extends below the pelvis and one-third of which is inside. For lengthening, this inside part is slid out. This part that can be shifted is only the part in front of the pelvis. That's why the maximum growth (for our race) is 3-4 centimeters. Although there are several methods for thickening, the healthiest method that provides sufficient thickening is fat injection. The patient's own fat is taken from the belly, waist and legs. This oil is injected subcutaneously in the penis. The penis's own tissue is not touched during the surgery. That's why it is the safest plastic surgery. The tissue of the penis is not touched during both thickening and lengthening. All surgery is performed around the penis.

estetik cerrahi Question: How many days should I allocate for this surgery?
Answer: The patient comes to the clinic for examination at 13:00. He will have his surgery the next day in the morning. He can return to his country by plane on the evening of the day of surgery. So, if you are coming from another country and your plane lands in Istanbul in the morning, this job will only take you 2 days. You will be examined the day you arrive in Istanbul, have surgery the next day, and return to your country in the evening.

estetik cerrahi Question: How many days does recovery take?
Answer: You should not have sexual intercourse for 3 weeks after the surgery. If your job is not heavy (you do not carry loads), you can go to work the day after the surgery. The patient is sent to his country on the evening of the surgery. He cannot take a shower for three days after the surgery. On the third day, he removes the dressing by wetting it in the shower. Washing with soapy water will not cause any harm. The dressing does not need to be renewed afterwards. Since all surgical stitches are placed with self-dissolving threads, the stitches will dissolve on their own. You can have sexual intercourse after three weeks. Pain may be felt during the first intercourses, but these pains disappear after a few intercourses. If you are exercising in the gym, such exercises are prohibited for 1 month.

estetik cerrahi Question: There are different techniques for penis thickening. Such as implants (penuma), filler injections, thickening with skin patches. What do you think about these techniques?
Answer: There is no ideal technique for penis thickening. In other words, it should be safe, last a lifetime, and provide sufficient thickness. No Such Thing. Anyone who says there is is lying. The best method to thicken the penis is to thicken it with one's own oil. So, fat injection. Let me explain it step by step...

estetik cerrahi Synthetic materials placed under the skin: It is a technique that has been tried a lot over the years. Soft silicone implants, materials such as penuma, and teflon implants have always been tried. The medical literature is full of complications of such implants. There is no need to think too much. Think about it, what happens when you have sexual intercourse? The penis enters the vagina and is in constant motion. Friction is extreme. Sexual intercourse is a very traumatic event for the penis. Meanwhile, the synthetic material under the skin will eventually irritate the skin from the inside and pierce the skin and come out. The medical literature is full of such complications. It is not necessary to be a doctor to realize that synthetic materials under the skin of the penis can cause this. Every 10-15 years, such a synthetic product is introduced to the market and then withdrawn from the market when its complications are observed. There is no need to reinvent America again. Using these products is extremely risky.

estetik cerrahi "Non-surgical" thickening with fillers such as hyaluronic acid: These fillers are normally very expensive. For example, these days we do lip fillers (1 cc) for 5000 TL. This is 1cc. Lip filler is hyaluronic acid with cross-linked molecules. Its effect lasts for 6-7 months. At the end of this period, it melts and disappears completely. Now let's get back to the topic: penis thickening. We use the patient's own fat tissue for penis thickening and it is 60 cc. We inject fat. Let's calculate the cost: 60 300,000 TL!.. Let's say you bought the filling at a discount because you bought it in large quantities. Let's say the cost of sixty cc of filling is 200,000 TL. You cannot pay this money for a filling that will melt completely. It is a fact that hyaluronic acid fillers eventually dissolve completely. I think it's not worth your money. On the other hand, there are people who use hyaluronic acid without incurring such a huge cost. How that happens? My guess is that these fillers are hyaluronic acid, the molecules of which are not cross-linked. In other words, it is the raw material of hyaluronic acid used as filler. Since its molecules are not cross-linked (since it is an unprocessed molecule), it melts very quickly and disappears completely. So how is this hyaluronic acid raw material obtained? My guess is that it is available in liter bottles from sites such as www.alibaba.com. Hyaluronic acid obtained in this way is of course cheaper, but it will dissolve very quickly. I think this is not suitable for surgery at all..

estetik cerrahi Thickening using skin texture: This is a technique that has been known for a long time. But it doesn't work. The reason is that the thin piece of skin does not thicken. Unfortunately, this technique is touted as "permanent penis thickening", but there is a problem, this technique does not provide thickening. Let it be as permanent as you want... As long as it doesn't provide thickness...

estetik cerrahi Thickening with fatty tissue: Penis thickening with one's own fat is the best possible method. When injected subcutaneously in the penis, it does not irritate the skin like a foreign body. It does not pierce the skin and come out. Provides sufficient thickness. Fat tissue has only one drawback; in some patients, it partially melts and it is necessary to inject fat once again in the future. A second fat injection is not required for everyone. This is because the quality of the oil varies from person to person. The reason for this is nutrition. In people who eat animal sources, fat tissue does not melt for many years. In people who eat plant-based foods, the injected fat tissue partially melts over time and it is necessary to inject fat again in the future. However, the best of these techniques is fat injection.

estetik cerrahi Question: Is it possible to enlarge the penis with a penile prosthesis?
Answer: The penis does not grow with a penile prosthesis. This has been tried many times in time. The medical literature is full of cases of implants penetrating the penis and coming out while trying to enlarge the penis with a penile prosthesis. Normally, an implant (happiness stick) suitable for the size of the penis is used. These implants are used to relieve erectile dysfunction. It has been tried many times to enlarge the penis by using implants slightly larger than the size of the penis. It has always failed. Don't try it at all.

estetik cerrahi Question: Does penis enlargement cause any harm to the penis?
Answer: If this surgery is performed properly, it is not possible to cause any harm to the penis. In this surgery, penis tissue is not touched at all. The surgery is performed entirely around the penis. Therefore, it is impossible for any damage to the penis.

estetik cerrahi Question: Is it necessary to abstain for a while before penis enlargement surgery? Will having sexual intercourse or masturbating the night before the surgery have a bad effect on the surgery?
Answer: There is no such prohibition before the surgery. Only intercourse and masturbation are prohibited for 3 weeks after the surgery.

estetik cerrahi Question: Is it necessary to perform the surgery with general anesthesia?
Answer: This surgery is performed with general anesthesia. If fat tissue is to be removed from the legs, it can be done with regional anesthesia if both thighs are anesthetized. To anesthetize the penis area, it is sufficient to simply inject the drug into the base of the penis. The other area that needs to be anesthetized is the area where fat will be removed. If the fatty tissue is removed from the legs and the thigh areas are also anesthetized, this surgery can be performed only with local anesthesia. We perform the surgery under general anesthesia, especially in cases where we will remove fat from the belly. The belly area is a very large area to anesthetize with local anesthesia. That's why we prefer general anesthesia in these cases.

estetik cerrahi Question: Does this surgery affect the erection of the penis?
Answer: If the surgery is performed properly, it definitely does not affect the erection. It can only affect erection in the following way. The patient has had erectile dysfunction before. A large amount of fat was injected during the surgery. When a large amount of fatty tissue surrounds the penis, erection becomes more difficult for the penis that already has erection problems. In my experience this critical volume of injected fat is 60 cc. is. Sixty cc. Injecting too much oil can make erection difficult. That's why we use a maximum of 60 cc in one surgery. We use oil. We do not exceed this volume.

estetik cerrahi Question: Is penis growth the same in every patient? How much does the growth occur?
Answer: For every surgery, there are suitable patients and unsuitable patients. I will not explain these at length. There is a rule for penis enlargement surgery: the larger the penis, the better the result will be. In my experience, penis length during erection is 10 cm. Prolongation cannot be achieved in patients below . So you cannot get results with short penises. What does this mean? Contrary to popular belief, PENIS ENLARGEMENT SURGERY IS NOT A SURGERY TO ENLARGE SMALL PENSES. On the contrary, BETTER RESULTS ARE OBTAINED WITH LARGE PENICES! For example, one of the patients who came to me for surgery had a penis length of around 20 cm. At the end of the surgery, I stepped away from the table and looked at the view. The first thought that came to my mind was: "The man's penis turned into a snake!" In other words, the longer the penis length, the better the results in terms of extension.

estetik cerrahi Question: Is there any harm in cutting the suspensory ligament? Is it necessary to cut the suspensory ligament in penis enlargement surgery?
Answer: There is no harm in cutting the suspensory ligament. On the other hand, I always say that it should never be cut completely. The penis tissue must remain attached to the pelvis at the bottom. To ensure elongation, 80% of the suspensory ligament must be cut. However, do not forget that cutting the suspensory ligament does not lengthen the penis. They are only released from the pelvis. To ensure penis elongation, you must place stitches that push the penis out after cutting the suspensory ligament. This is the trick of the surgery. It took me at least 10 years to learn where and at what angle to place these stitches. This is the trick of the surgery.

estetik cerrahi Question: Are there any patients who regret this surgery?
Answer: I have not encountered it in my own patients. On the contrary, I have patients who send me thank you messages for no reason after years have passed. The professional satisfaction of this job is very high. Messages like this are much more valuable than the money I earned from surgery..

estetik cerrahi Question: I have a curvature of the penis. I also want to have penis enlargement surgery. Can two surgeries be performed in the same session?
Answer: No way. If there is a curvature, the curvature should be corrected first. Penis enlargement can be performed after at least 6 months have passed. The reason for this ranking is as follows. While correcting the curvature of the penis, the skin of the penis is completely opened and curvature correcting stitches are placed on the hard sheaths of the penis under the skin. Penis thickening cannot be done until this surgery is completely healed. If you try to enlarge your penis in the same session, the injected fat will flow down and be displaced because the area where you will inject the oil is completely opened. If you first do penis enlargement and then try to correct the curvature six months later, you need to clean the fat tissue you put under the skin for thickening while the curvature is being corrected. Thickening is broken. Therefore, curvature correction is performed first, and penis enlargement is performed 6 months later.


estetik cerrahi Question: What causes curvature in the penis?
Answer: There are many reasons for this problem, but the most common reasons are Peyronie's disease and the congenital retardation of development of one of the tissues that make up the penis. Thus, the penis bends to one side. There are 2 ways to correct curvature. Either tissue is added to the underdeveloped side, or plication is performed on the long part and that side is shortened slightly. Therefore, while the curvature is corrected, penis length may be shortened by 0.5-1 cm. But this is not really noticeable.

estetik cerrahi Question: It is said that the penis may shorten by one centimeter after this surgery. Is this true?
Answer: If the long side of the penis is shortened by plicating, the penis length may be shortened by 0.5-1 cm. But this is not really noticeable.

estetik cerrahi Question: When can I have sexual intercourse after the surgery?
Answer: You should not have intercourse for 1-1.5 months after this surgery.

estetik cerrahi Question: Is there a non-surgical way to correct penis curvature?
Answer: Unfortunately, no..


estetik cerrahi Question: What must happen to say that the patient has a penoscrotal web?
Answer: The penoscrotal web is a sheet of skin that starts under the penis and extends to the testicles. They also call it turkey chin or bat wing. The penis should be straight like a stick when erect. In this way, the penis enters the vagina easily. But if there is such a curtain-like skin sheet under the penis, it becomes difficult for the penis to enter the vagina. PSW can take a variety of forms. There is, but it is very small and does not cause any problems. The critical issue here is whether PSW makes it difficult to have intercourse. If it makes it difficult to have intercourse, this is called PSW and the patient must have surgery. There is no other way to correct PSW other than surgery.

estetik cerrahi Question: When should the Penoscrotal web be operated on?
Answer: There is no specific time for this. It can happen whenever the patient wishes.

estetik cerrahi Question: What happens if the Penoscrotal web is not operated on?
Answer: The patient continues to have difficulty having intercourse. PSW is not a progressive problem. It won't cause any other problems. Only the problems experienced when entering into intercourse continue the same.

estetik cerrahi Question: How many days does it take to recover after surgery? After how many days can we have sexual intercourse?
Answer: It takes 2-3 weeks for the stitches to heal. The person should not have intercourse for about 3 weeks.


estetik cerrahi Question: What are the most common circumcision mistakes?
Answer: Problems related to poor stitching are the most common problems we see. There may be roughness and irregularities in the circumcision suture line. In some places, the skin may have healed in the form of a bridge. There may be tunnel-shaped holes, as if a piercing had been inserted and removed. The biggest mistakes that can be made in circumcision are "cutting off the head of the penis during circumcision" or "removing too much penis skin". Amputation of the glans is the worst possible complication. If possible, the severed penis head is stitched back together using microsurgery. If the penis skin is removed too much, this will cause the development of the penis to be retarded. Tight penis skin causes penis tissue to remain inside. The penis does not develop as much as it could. In these patients, first of all, the excessively removed penis skin should be replaced with a skin patch. After 1-2 years, penis enlargement surgery can be performed.

estetik cerrahi Question: Can a bad circumcision affect the development of the penis?
Answer: This can happen if too much skin of the penis is removed during circumcision. In these cases, usually only 2-3 cm of penile skin remains on the penis. Because of the stretched penis skin, the body of the penis remains buried inside. The development of the penis is disrupted and the penis remains small.

estetik cerrahi Question: Do you reconstruct the foreskin?
Answer: There is a surgery for this, but it is a surgery that is very risky and does not provide much profit. I don't.


estetik cerrahi Question: Will this surgery become apparent later? Where does the scar of the surgery remain?
Answer: Testicular implants can be placed in several places. If it is placed through the groin, there will be a stitch mark of a few centimeters in the groin. Our patients generally want this surgery to be unnoticeable. In fact, they usually come without being married. They do not want the woman they will marry to learn about this surgery. In these patients, we place the implants from the lower-posterior part of the scrotum. The skin of the scrotum already has a folded structure. Stitch marks are not very visible here. If you have performed the surgery from the perineum, the stitch scar will not be visible. Silicone testicle implants are filled with gel silicone. In terms of consistency, it is very close to testicular tissue. It is very difficult to understand when handled. I think the only way to find out is to squeeze the testicle. If the patient does not feel hurt, he/she can have a silicone implant. If it hurts, it's a real testicle.

estetik cerrahi Question: It is necessary to replace silicone breast prostheses after 10 years. Do these prostheses need to be replaced in the future?
Answer: These implants do not need to be replaced. I've never read an article like this.

estetik cerrahi Question: Will testicular prostheses cause any discomfort in the following years?
Answer: I have never heard of any discomfort related to these implants or a disease that occurs in later years. There is no such article.

estetik cerrahi Question: What complications may occur in this surgery?
Answer: There may be bleeding. This is because the blood circulation of the testicular tissue is high. Generally, the dressing becomes dirty on the first day after surgery. Blood leaks from the suture line. The dressing must be changed the day after the surgery. Generally, bleeding does not continue. Rarely, this bleeding leads to a hematoma. What we call hematoma is the accumulation of blood in the surgery area. If this happens, what needs to be done is to drain the blood. Since the surgery is in the genital area, there is a risk of infection, but we have never encountered such a complication.

estetik cerrahi Question: I need to have this surgery before my wedding. The person I will marry does not know about the situation. How long before the wedding should I have surgery?
Answer: I recommend you to have surgery at least 2 months before the wedding. At the latest, 1 month before the wedding..


estetik cerrahi Question: What are the main procedures performed to remove the buried penis?
Answer: The basic surgery is penis enlargement surgery. Penis enlargement surgery must be performed. Apart from this, it is necessary to hang the skin of the penis up, if the circumcision is inadequate, it is necessary to remove the excess skin removed during circumcision, if there is looseness in the abdominal skin, it is necessary to perform a reverse abdominoplasty and to remove the excess fatty tissue around the penis. Apart from these, your surgeon may also have unique suturing techniques. Ultimately, what is done in this surgery is to force the penis to come out, shrink the surrounding tissue and stretch it upwards and backwards.

estetik cerrahi Question: It is said that this situation can recur. Is there any truth to this?
Answer: It is difficult to take out the buried penis. This condition may recur. It is necessary to explain to patients at the outset that this is a persistent problem that can recur.

estetik cerrahi Question: The patient has a buried penis. You performed surgery, the penis immediately retracts a week after the surgery. What could be the problem?
Answer: This is a very bad situation. It happened to us once. The reason for this is that the patient's penis is both short and buried. The definition of a buried penis in the books is this: the penis size is actually within normal limits, but it is buried. That's why it doesn't look big from the outside. If the patient's penis is buried because the penis is small, the surgery will fail. The worst part is that in cases of buried penises, it is very difficult to understand whether the actual length of the penis is within normal limits. Every surgeon should keep this possibility in mind when operating on buried penis cases. Cases of buried penises can also occur with short penises. In this case, you will not get results.


estetik cerrahi Question: What is total penis shaft rotation?
Answer: It is the congenital development of the penis in a crooked manner, lying on its side. It is written in the books that this situation is very rare. Many surgeons would never see a single patient with this deformity in their lifetime. When I had the chance to operate on a case, I wrote about it on my website. Three more patients applied. I had the chance to operate on two of these four patients. These 2 cases are much higher than the world average.

estetik cerrahi Question: What is the most important feature of this surgery?
Answer: In this surgery, the suspensory ligament connecting the penis to the bone is completely cut. The posture of the penis is corrected by rotating it. Then the suspensory ligament is stitched again. This stage is the most important stage of the surgery. It is recommended that the surgical thread used when suturing the suspensory ligament be a non-melting and braided suture. The reason for this is that while the braided yarn is tightening the knot, the knot gets locked due to the braids. This way the stitches will not loosen. It is important that the stitches placed in this surgery are tight and do not loosen.

estetik cerrahi Question: What is the incidence?
Answer: It is said to be extremely rare, but when I wrote to my website, a total of 4 cases were reported to me. I think it is a more common deformity in society, but people do not know that it can be corrected.

estetik cerrahi Question: What is the correction made in surgery? How is the posture of the penis improved?
Answer: The penis develops in the wrong position from birth. That's why it develops sideways. To correct this, the suspensory ligament must be completely cut, the position of the penis corrected, and then the suspensory ligament must be stitched back together.


estetik cerrahi Question: It is said that this surgery improves the quality of life greatly, so the satisfaction rate is very high. Does removing saggy testicles really affect the quality of life that much?
Answer: This is a surgery for which patients thank their doctors profusely when they come for a check-up. When testicular prolapse is corrected, patients' gait improves. They are very relieved. This issue of gratitude is also written in books. I was very surprised to see patients thanking me many times after I started these surgeries. The satisfaction rate is very high.

estetik cerrahi Question: Is there a scar left at the end of the surgery?
Answer: The scrotum skin is already very folded. The stitch marks are not visible at all.

estetik cerrahi Question: How is the scrotum suspended during surgery? What is the mechanism of the surgery?
Answer: There are 2 procedures performed in the surgery. A large piece of scrotal skin is removed. That's why this surgery is also called "scrotum reduction surgery". Secondly, the muscle layer surrounding the scrotum is folded and sewn onto itself. The process of folding this muscle layer provides the lifting effect in the testicles. It is this muscle layer that actually carries the testicles.

estetik cerrahi Question: Can the scrotum sag again in the years after the surgery?
Answer: To date, I have not seen a patient whose sagging recurred.


estetik cerrahi Question: How long after penis and testicle surgery can I have sexual intercourse?
Answer: Depending on the surgery, the ban on sexual intercourse varies between 3-5 weeks.


estetik cerrahi Question: I am a pilot (military, gendarmerie, etc.). Will this surgery be seen on e-pulse? If this surgery is seen in the e-pulse system, my flight route (location of duty) may be changed.
Answer: We are aware of this situation. We recommend that our patients consult us for information on this subject (+90 533 5690649).

estetik cerrahi Question: After these surgeries, we can take a shower on the 3rd day, but we should not go to the sea or the pool for 10-15 days. Why is this difference?
Answer: There is no harm in taking a shower with soapy water. The patient does not remove the dressing for 3 days. On the 3rd day after the surgery, he takes a shower, wets himself with soapy water and removes the dressing. He takes his shower. Soapy water is already a disinfectant. It will not harm the stitch line, which has just begun to heal, to come into contact with soapy water. Sea water or pool water is not clean and is considered contaminated. Therefore, it is forbidden to swim in the sea or the pool for 10-15 days.


estetik cerrahi Question: What do surgery fees cover?
Answer: Hospital expenses, transfers between the airport and the city, surgery and control fees are included in the surgery fee. Payments such as accommodation or flight tickets are the responsibility of the patient. We also do not make hotel reservations or buy flight tickets. The patient himself must do these online.

estetik cerrahi Question: How do you accept surgery fees?
Answer: Our advice to patients abroad is to send the payment to the account. Local patients can make the payment at the hospital on the morning of surgery.

estetik cerrahi Question: If any complications occur and surgery is required, do we need to pay separately for this?
Answer: If such a situation occurs, you only have to pay the hospital cost of the revision surgery separately.

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