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estetik cerrahi

Op. Dr. Oytun İdil (Plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist)

estetik cerrahi He was born in 1970.

estetik cerrahi He received his medical education at Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine (1988-1994).

estetik cerrahi He received his specialization training in the plastic surgery clinic of Bursa Uludağ Medical Faculty between 1994-2000.

estetik cerrahi After completing his specialization, he worked as a specialist in Bursa Konur Hospital for a while, where he worked mainly in hand surgery and microsurgery.

estetik cerrahi He has been working as a private physician in Istanbul since 2004 (Nisa hospital, Femme aesthetics-Ulus, Oksiart aesthetic center-Ulus, Büyükçekmece Kolan hospital, Clinicİstanbul-Mecidiyeköy, Güngören Kolan hospital, Estetistanbul hair transplant, Betty beauty club, Maya mecidiyeköy) has been accepting its patients in its own practice in Nişantaşı since 2015.

estetik cerrahi Her professional interest is mostly male genital aesthetics, breast aesthetics, butt augmentation with implants, leg aesthetics with silicone implants, facial aesthetics (face lift techniques). He performs many surgeries that are not performed very often (reduction of the laryngeal protrusion -Adam's apple), removal of cheek fat (Bichectomy, Beverly hills cheek), drooling surgery (i.e. cutting drooling in spastic children, etc.). and PRP applications.

estetik cerrahi Between the years of 1988-1994, when he received his medical education at Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, he was an amateur and professional illustrator (he drew caricatures and comics in the magazines Gırgır, Fırt, Çarşaf, Pişmiş kelle, RH+, Deli). J.İ.C.A., who was in Bursa between 1994-2000 and produced brochures, films and animations for the Ministry of Health. He also did some work (experimental cell-animation, illustration of brochures, flip-chart illustration). He has stopped drawing routines since 2000, he is developing himself in internet technologies as a hobby. It codes and prepares its own websites. Cosmology, artificial intelligence, maritime, literature (sci-fi and horror), comics, animation, informatics (web design, graphics, video editing, blockchain technology), theoretical (theoretical) physics and quantum physics (M-theorem, subatomic) particle physics, entanglement, string theories, anti-matter, dark matter and dark energy etc.).

estetik cerrahi Nose aesthetics does not interest him at all, he does not perform rhinoplasty.

estetik cerrahi He is fluent in English and beginner level Japanese.

estetik cerrahi A documentary about Oytun idil... The documentary was prepared by Anıl Yurdakul, who makes documentaries about illustrators and cartoonists.

estetik cerrahi Chat from here and there with Mahmut Saral..

estetik cerrahi Chatting with Mehmet Saim Bilge..

estetik cerrahi Winally interview: https://www.winally.com/2019/04/doktorluk-bence-dunyanin-en-fantastik-meslegi/

estetik cerrahi News about the comic book written and drawn by Dr Oytun idil by Surge Turkey (click on the Surge logo.. only in Turkish..):

estetik cerrahi In 2018, he received the "Most Innovative Plastic Surgeon" award at the "Turkey Awards".

estetik cerrahi He is an amateur sailor and short distance amateur radio operator.

estetik cerrahi He took part in 3 episodes in the "46 vanished" series, which was broadcast on Star TV. He played a plastic surgeon in the series. This series can be watched on Netflix today.

estetik cerrahi Star TV series "46 vanished" in which I took a short part in three episodes.. This series is airing on Netflix these days...

estetik cerrahi Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, P. K. Dick, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Ray Bradbury, Clive Barker are his favorite authors.

estetik cerrahi In his spare time, which has been rare in recent years, he has also been working on a special comic project (plans to finish and publish in 2020-22).

estetik cerrahi He visited countries such as the North Pole (he planted the Turkish flag at the pole point), the South Pole, Argentina, Mexico, Russia, France, Spain, Portugal, USA, Bahamas, TRNC, Jamaica, Haiti, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Germany, Japan, Ukraine, continues to tour.

estetik cerrahi He frequently participates in music festivals abroad, such as Hellfest, 70000 tons of metal, Full metal holiday, Megacruise, TUSKA..

estetik cerrahi He has articles published in domestic and foreign medical journals.

estetik cerrahi He has been in the media many times and has been a consultant on aesthetic surgery. His medical articles are published in various publications.

estetik cerrahi Op. Dr. Oytun İdil is a member of Turkish Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association. Plastic surgery association Click for the page of Dr Oytun idil on the website.

estetik cerrahi 2018 AVN memorabilia... Hustler talent scout!..

estetik cerrahi At AVN 2018, with Rocco Siffredi (AVN 2018, Las Vegas)...

estetik cerrahi In the media, Dr. Oytun Idil..

Op. Dr. Oytun İdil - medya

estetik cerrahi Mick Blue and wife Annika Albrite (AVN 2018, Las Vegas)...

estetik cerrahi North pole, 90 degree polar point.. 2011.. The first person from Turkey to go to the north pole for touristic purposes! (has a certificate).

estetik cerrahi With Alexis Texas (AVN 2018, Las Vegas)...

estetik cerrahi With Manuel Ferrara (AVN 2020, Las Vegas)...

estetik cerrahi With Britney Amber (AVN 2018, Las Vegas)...

estetik cerrahi With Elena Koshka (AVN 2020, Las Vegas)...

estetik cerrahi 70000 tons of metal, Cruise festival..

estetik cerrahi 70000 tons of metal, Cruise festival.. With Rhapsody vokalist Fabio Lione...

estetik cerrahi With Mia Malkova (AVN 2018, Las Vegas)...

estetik cerrahi Antarctica... 2012..

estetik cerrahi 2018 AVN memorabilia...

estetik cerrahi My friend Urology professor Dr. Ömer Faruk karataş at the congress of genital aesthetics and sexology.. December 2019, Radisson blu hotel, Şişli, Istanbul...

estetik cerrahi 2015 Hellfest, Clisson - Fransa

estetik cerrahi 2018 Miami, Rock N roll ribs.. Iron maiden drummer Nicko McBrain's steakhouse..

estetik cerrahi Corner spree with humpback whales in Antarctica...

estetik cerrahi July 2011, the moment of arrival at the north pole... GPS data: N 90.00.000 W 107.58.595 The exact north pole point.. 5 minutes 10 seconds in the video. ..

estetik cerrahi Animation experiment.

estetik cerrahi Some examples of my drawings.

estetik cerrahi Nevada..

estetik cerrahi Nevada.. John Wayne point.. Where John Wayne filmed.

estetik cerrahi Grand Canyon..

estetik cerrahi "Hey stranger! We don't like gringos around here!"

estetik cerrahi With the sumo champions in Tokyo...

estetik cerrahi Overkill Bobby..

estetik cerrahi Megadeth Ellefson..

estetik cerrahi The real Yosemite Sam... Yosemite natural park..

Op. Dr. Oytun İdil    / Plastic & reconstructive surgeon          Address: Rumeli cad. No:3 D:1 Nişantaşı, Şişli - İstanbul / Türkiye
GSM: +90 533 569 0649 - +90 505 296 5569         Office phone: +90 212 296 3656 - +90 505 137 1393