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estetik cerrahi


estetik cerrahi Penis enlargement surgeries are very diverse; but this is one of the many techniques the classic technique where the suspensory ligament is cut" is a safe penis enlargement technique. In this technique, cutting the suspensory ligament makes everyone nervous for some reason. However, among penile enlargement surgeries, this is the only technique in which the integrity of the penis is not disturbed. If you do the penis enlargement surgery with the classical technique, you can enlarge the penis without touching the penis. The surgery is actually done entirely around the penis; Length is made by cutting the suspensory ligament at the base of the penis, and thickening is done by injecting fat under the skin of the penis. The main body tissue, vessels and nerves of the penis are not touched at all. We do not apply other methods (for example, the Perovic method) because they have high risks, do not protect the integrity of the penis and do not provide more growth than the classical technique.

estetik cerrahi The z-plasty (or v-y plasty) applied to the bottom of the penis by cutting the suspensory ligament is a technique that is extremely safe, the most widely applied, and does not disrupt the integrity of the penis, with minimal risk.

estetik cerrahi Let me be frank, it takes between 1 and 2 hours to explain this issue to the patients who come to the practice. It is very difficult to fully explain the subject. If I try to write here, penis enlargement alone would be a separate website. That's why I prepared videos in which I explained everything I explained to patients in full. You can watch all these videos in the videos section of the site. The videos are also voiced in foreign languages.

estetik cerrahi Below I will give general and brief information about penis enlargement. There is much more than written information in videos. In these videos, there is extensive information about the technique of the surgery, the modifications I have made in the technique, the experiences I have gained over the years, everything. Currently, there are 50 videos in the videos section and new ones will be added over time.

estetik cerrahi I recommend my patients who are considering penis enlargement surgery to watch these videos. Please take your time and watch them all in a few days, if not in one day. If you are looking for information about penis enlargement, that information is in these videos. I am sharing a few important videos below.

estetik cerrahi General information on penile surgery..

estetik cerrahi Almost everything about penis enlargement surgery is wrong! I told the truth in this video..

estetik cerrahi What are we doing?

estetik cerrahi Who made our ad?

estetik cerrahi Anesthesia


estetik cerrahi It is that male patients are uncomfortable with some aesthetic defects as a result of comparing their bodies with other men in gyms, pools and changing rooms of saunas.

estetik cerrahi Patients with this condition often come to us saying, "I want a fullness in front of my underwear in the locker room at the gym." The main desire of these patients is the massive enlargement of the penis. They want penis thickening rather than lengthening. They want as much fat injection as possible.

estetik cerrahi As surgeons, I keep this syndrome in the back of my mind and evaluate the patient's wishes accordingly, and plan the surgery accordingly.

estetik cerrahi Understanding patients is always important, but even more so in penile surgery; because some penile aesthetic patients may not be able to explain their problem clearly due to embarrassment. In this case, it is very important for the surgeon to understand the patient.


estetik cerrahi The philosophy of the surgery in penis enlargement is to press the surrounding tissue of the penis to the base, to lower it (removing the fat layer around the penis with liposuction, suturing the skin tissue at the base of the penis to the base with stitches) and to save the cavernous (hardening) tissue of the penis from the pelvis and slide it out as a whole.

estetik cerrahi Normally, one third of the penis is inside. The surgical procedure is to slide the inner third of the tissue out without compromising the integrity of the penis. It is not enough to separate the inner part from the pelvis, it is also necessary to put repulsive stitches on the back and push it out.

estetik cerrahi The procedure described in the conventional technique for lengthening is complete cutting of the suspensory ligament. In other words, the suspensory ligament that connects the body tissue of the penis to the pelvis is completely cut. I do not completely cut the suspension link with the modification I made; I leave the bottom 20% intact. You can watch the reasons for this in the video.

estetik cerrahi By the way, I must state that this surgery is not an illusion, a deception of the eye, and that the part of the penis that can be seen from the outside is actually lengthened. Actually, the penile tissue is not lengthened, but since the part remaining inside is shifted out, there is actually an elongation in the visible part. At this point, I have to explain that, in fact, some of our patients think that I am talking contradictory when I say that the penile tissue is not lengthened. When we say that the penis tissue is not lengthened, we do not extend the penis itself by pulling or adding a piece in between. We slide the rest of the inside out. This, in turn, makes the outer part of the penis longer. Please do not misunderstand. The elongation you see from the outside is a real elongation that can be measured with a ruler.

estetik cerrahi On penis enlargement.. Cutting the suspensory ligament (OH MY GOD!!!!)

estetik cerrahi Is the enlargement also noticeable in the erection?


estetik cerrahi Unfortunately, what the suspensory ligament actually does is misunderstood by most doctors (and even surgeons). Many doctors think that if this ligament is cut during penile lengthening, the penis will stand low and its stabilization will deteriorate. I think these misunderstandings stem from the name of the ligature "suspended tie". The main task of the suspensory ligament is definitely not to keep the penis erect!.

estetik cerrahi The main task of the suspensory ligament is to bring the penile tissue coming out from under the pelvis up, in front of the pelvis. In this way, the penile tissue comes in front of the pelvis and protrudes from here. This is why men engage in intercourse with hip movement while having sexual intercourse. When the man pushes his hip forward, he also pushes the penis in front of the pelvis forward. In this way, the penis enters the vagina. That is, the pelvis acts as a piston behind the penis. The structure that holds the penis in front of the pelvis is this suspensory ligament.

estetik cerrahi In the classical technique, the suspension tie is cut completely. This is the description of the classic penile lengthening surgery, which is in the books. We do not cut the suspension completely for 3 reasons. In our technique, the suspension is cut by 80%.

estetik cerrahi First, I think it is very important that the suspensory ligament holds the penile tissue in front of the pelvis during sexual intercourse. In this way, the penis, which has a bone support at the back, can easily enter the vagina with the movement of the hip and by taking the support of the pelvis behind it. Therefore, this bone support should not be destroyed (the suspensory ligament should never be cut completely. This is why the classical surgical description in the books is wrong. It is also very wrong.).

estetik cerrahi The second is the decomposition of the upper part of the suspensory ligament, which ensures elongation in the penis. As the suspensory descends to the lower parts of the ligament, the contribution of cutting the tie to elongation decreases. Cutting the lower 20% of the suspensory ligament does not contribute to elongation at all. That's why I leave the bottom 20% of the suspension tie intact.

estetik cerrahi Third, if the suspensory ligament is completely cut, there is no place for the penis to attach to the bone. This situation not only makes it difficult to have intercourse, but also causes the penis to slip under the pelvis and shorten while having intercourse. The fact that the penis is completely unsupported both makes it difficult to have intercourse and causes it to shorten.


estetik cerrahi The main task of the suspensory ligament is not to keep the penis erect. There are many structures that ensure the erection of the penis. In the first years that I started these surgeries, I was also using the classical technique, that is, I was cutting the suspensory ligament completely. None of my patients at that time had a complaint such as low penile standing. In the books, it is not written that the penis will fall with the cutting of the suspensory ligament. In fact, there are many structures that hold the penis. The suspensory ligament (although its most important task is not to hang the penis..) helps to keep the penis upright, but its most important task is not to keep the penis upright. The suspensory ligament brings the penile tissue in front of the pelvis. Therefore, the cutting of the suspensory ligament does not result in the lowering of the penis, but in the removal of the penile tissue from the pelvis (extension in the penis).

estetik cerrahi Summary: The function of the suspensory ligament is actually to attach the penis to the front of the pelvis. The name of the suspension tie should actually be "anchor tie". With the cutting of the suspensory ligament, the penis does not fall. It slides out of the pelvis by getting rid of it..


An instructive case: What happens if the suspensory ligament is cut completely?

estetik cerrahiIn February-March 2022, a Turkish patient from abroad called me. This is exactly what they told me on the phone: Doctor, I had this surgery here, but I'm having some problems. I watched a video of yours, I realized where the problem comes from. Can you help?"

estetik cerrahi First of all, I asked the patient what kind of problems he had. The answer he gave me is as follows: "Sir, when the penis is soft, there is elongation, thickening is good.. It looks both lengthened and thickened when erect. There is no problem in appearance or erection, but when you try to have intercourse, it shortens. I think as you mentioned in your video, the suspensory ligament they cut it right"

estetik cerrahi I have been saying for years that the suspensory ligament should not be cut completely. This case is a very good example. I told the patient: "Yes, if the suspensory ligament is completely cut, there is no bone structure to which the penis is attached and the penis remains free. During intercourse, it may shorten by entering under the pelvis while trying to enter the vagina; "Because your doctors have applied the technique written in medical books. I think the problem is in the books. It's not a doctor's mistake. Actually, this technical error in classical medical books needs to be corrected. If you come here, we can repair the cut part of the suspensory ligament that shouldn't be cut."

estetik cerrahi I think this case is very important. It shows why the suspensory ligament should not be cut completely. This faulty technique in medical books should be corrected as soon as possible. I am currently writing a medical article on this subject that I plan to publish in a year.

estetik cerrahi As you can see from the drawings above, I don't exactly apply the classical technique, because I THINK THE CLASSICAL TECHNIQUE, which is in the books, IS FAULTY, NOT PHYSIOLOGICAL.

estetik cerrahi Why?

estetik cerrahi In the classical technique, the suspensory ligament is completely (100%) cut and the penis is not in contact with the pelvis; completely separated from the bone. This is not correct, because the main function of the suspensory ligament is to hold the penile tissue coming from under the pelvis in front of the pelvis. In this way, the man moves his hips back and forth while having intercourse, and it is possible for the penis in front of the pelvis to enter and exit the vagina. The pelvis acts as a piston behind the penis. In the classical technique, since the suspensory ligament is completely cut, there is no repulsive support of the pelvis behind the penis. I think it becomes difficult to have intercourse; at least the hip movement will not be very effective. That's why I modified this technique in 2006 and started not cutting the suspensory tie completely. In our technique, we open the upper 80% of the suspensory ligament and this provides sufficient elongation. We leave the bottom 20% of the ligament intact, which provides adequate pelvic support at the back of the penis. In my opinion, this is the most physiological technique, the most suitable for the anatomy of the penis and the dynamics of sexual intercourse. The lower part of the suspension tie must be left intact.

estetik cerrahi A complete severing of the suspension link is no different from breaking the connection between the engine and the wheels in an automobile. If the power of the engine does not reach the wheels, press the gas as much as you want, the wheels will not turn, you will stay where you are. The movements of the pelvis should also be transmitted to the penis. That's why the suspending tie that provides this connection should never be cut completely. Since the suspension tie starts very loose at the top and gets harder as it goes down, it will be sufficient to leave the bottom 20% of it intact. This last 20% provides sufficient connection between the bone and the penis and does not break easily. Cutting the top 80% of it allows the penis to be sufficiently mobilized for elongation.

estetik cerrahi I should also note this. Cutting the remaining 20% of the suspensory ligament has no effect on elongation. The main thing that provides the elongation is the cutting of the upper part of the suspensory ligament and the removal of the penis from the bone. In the video below you will see the classical technique, watch it and you will understand what I mean. The only modification we made was to leave the bottom 20% of the suspension intact.

estetik cerrahi How the penis lengthening is done (classical technique.. The suspensory ligament is cut completely.. In our modification, only 80% of the suspensory ligament is cut..) NOTE: The video is a classical technique shown with animation by a foreign surgeon. Roughly, this is how we do it, we just don't cut the suspensory tie completely. As you can see from the video, penis extension can only be done from the back-bottom part of the penis and by cutting the suspensory ligament. It cannot be done under the penis. Friends who claim that they did the extension under the penis and without cutting the suspensory ligament are dreaming..

estetik cerrahi 2017 ISEF congress, www.estechannel.tv interview...

My patients are asking.. A doctor or something, wrote on his website, "penis lengthening extends the penis 6 cm".. Why do I say 2-3 cm?

estetik cerrahi I say that there will be only 2-3 inches of gain in extension, because this is the truth. The friend who says that he has lengthened four to 6 centimeters is lying. This is physically and anatomically impossible.

estetik cerrahi Look, I am occasionally invited to congresses, symposiums and faculties to talk about this surgery. The first thing I say is "tell patients about the limitations of surgery, don't promise what you can't deliver". From where?

estetik cerrahi Not being able to extend the penis 6 (six) cm!

estetik cerrahi There are some tricks that everyone who works in private apply. Every private surgeon knows these, but does not tell them. Sometimes a very difficult case comes. You say you can do it, but you invite a brother you know to the surgery, who has more experience in that case than you. You do the surgery together (as you know, surgery is a master-apprentice job and it is natural to invite a more experienced older brother to the surgery). In the end, there will be a good result, you will send your patient satisfied. Especially new experts call their older brothers for help from time to time until they gain experience. But in penis enlargement, if you throw it from a height and shake it to extend the penis 6 centimeters, no matter who you call for help, no one can make you extend the penis 6 centimeters; because such a thing is not possible. So it's both ignorance and lying to shake it and write it on the website saying "I'll extend my penis 6 inches".

estetik cerrahi Sometimes a patient calls and gets information about the surgery. When we say that the penis will grow 2-3 inches, he says "we are the richest family here, sir, money is not important, you can grow it as much as you can". This has nothing to do with money. Whether the patient wants to break his heart and give 100 billion, the elongation that can be obtained with surgery is 2-3 cm.

estetik cerrahi My advice to surgeon friends who are new to these surgeries: "Do not promise things that do not happen. You cannot do it, the patient will not be satisfied, and you will increase the patient's expectation from the very beginning. When the patient returns and complains, there is no revision, because if you said that you will lengthen 6 centimeters at first, this is the case. It's not possible, you can't.

estetik cerrahi My advice to patients is: be like me, so "REALISTIC"

So why only 2-3 cm elongation?

estetik cerrahi The answer is simple; because anatomy only allows so much elongation. The elongation thing is to separate the penis from the pelvis where it is attached at the back. Unless a piece is added in between. The tissue of the penis, as a block, is separated from the pelvis and pushed outwards without losing its integrity. This difference is about 2-3 inches.

estetik cerrahi As we slide the penis out, we also need to lengthen the upper skin. There is no need to lengthen the skin on the underside of the penis, because the skin between the penis and testicles is already very loose and there is no need to lengthen it; but it is necessary to lengthen the skin at the base-back of the penis. The skin at the base of the penis is thick, similar to the skin of the abdomen. It is not flexible and loose like the skin under the penis. Therefore, lengthening should be done at the bottom and back of the penis. That's why Z-plasty or V-Y plasty is done here.

Isn't that 2-3 inches of elongation too little? Are patients satisfied with the result? Why not just an extension?

estetik cerrahi Elongation of only 2 cm may not satisfy the patient. In addition, if only lengthening is performed, a collapse occurs at the base of the penis, where the body tissue of the penis separates from the pelvis. For these reasons, thickening must also be done. During thickening, we inject fat into the collapsed area at the base of the penis. It should fill the area with the crash. If the lengthening is done together with the thickening, the result will be absolutely satisfactory for the patient. Meanwhile, the collapse at the bottom of the penis is filled with fat injection and the collapse is corrected.

estetik cerrahi The extension is permanent and is done in one go. There is no such thing as a second extension, as the suspensory ligament cannot be cut again once it has been cut.

estetik cerrahi Thickening, on the other hand, may need to be repeated in the future depending on the melting rate in the fat. Sometimes the quality of the fat taken from the belly is very good, it does not melt for years. In this case, it is not necessary to inject fat again. Sometimes the quality of the fat taken from the belly is very bad. If the fat is very edematous, this indicates that the loss rate will be high in the future. In this case, it is necessary to make another fat injection after 6 months or 1 year at the earliest.

Is the surgery guaranteed?

estetik cerrahi Let alone the surgeries, nothing in life is guaranteed.

estetik cerrahi For one thing, there is such a thing as a "complication". What is "complication"? Undesirable results in medicine are called complications. If the stitches are opened after the surgery, if the surgical site is infected, if the result is not as desired for any reason, it is called a complication. The possibility of complications exists in every surgery. While this is the case, it is not realistic for patients to ask for a guarantee and to have a guaranteed surgery by their doctors by completely ignoring the possibility of complications.

estetik cerrahi The patient who asks for a guarantee wants his doctor to lie by looking him in the eye.

estetik cerrahi The doctor who gives a guarantee is also lying by looking into the eyes of his patient.

estetik cerrahi If you're going to have surgery, don't fool yourself by asking your doctor for a warranty.

estetik cerrahi In surgeries, both the patient and the doctor should share the responsibilities by knowing the possibility of complications. When any complications arise, it is your doctor's responsibility to deal with that complication. During the specialization training, we also receive training on what to do in such undesirable situations and treatment methods.

estetik cerrahi Being a specialist in a surgical branch is knowing the possibility of complications, taking the necessary precautions in advance to prevent them, informing our patients about these issues and coping with it if a complication develops.

estetik cerrahi Asking for a guarantee is a lie. Do not deceive yourself.

estetik cerrahi Finally, answer a few questions for yourself:

estetik cerrahi Can you guarantee yourself that when you leave the house in the morning, you will return home safely in the evening?

estetik cerrahi Do the people you vote for in elections (president, deputies, local governments, etc.) give guarantees about their administration? Which party that comes to power guarantees that it will fix the economy and reduce unemployment?

estetik cerrahi Is there a place that gives a guarantee other than white goods or electronic devices? which they also give a warranty of 2 years or so..

estetik cerrahi Click here to read an article I wrote on the warranty issue..

estetik cerrahi After penis lengthening surgery, there are those who want to use the tools that claim to provide lengthening in the penis. According to the books, there is no serious article about these tools that has been measured. Vacuum devices are not recommended because these devices can only provide an erection. In addition, it is written in the books that it may be beneficial to use traction devices after lengthening surgery. The reason for this is the cutting of the suspensory ligament in lengthening surgery. The suspensory ligament that attaches the penis tissue to the bone is a very strong connective tissue. You cannot pull the penis out without cutting the suspensory ligament. If the suspensory ligament is cut during the surgery, the penile tissue can be moved out a little more with these traction tools (Penimaster, Andropenis etc.). There is no guarantee, but it can be tried. I do not find the use of these tools necessary, because we already use the "Idil penis retractor, which is my own design, in the surgery, we remove the penis from the pelvis as much as possible and ensure elongation at the highest level possible. After the surgery, the penis is more extended with traction exercises or traction tools. However, if the patient wishes, they can start using these instruments 3 weeks after the operation.

estetik cerrahi Cutting the suspensory ligament is somehow a concern for both patients and many surgeons. It is thought that if the suspensory ligament is cut, the penis will remain low, its erection will deteriorate, the sensation of the penis will decrease, etc. Fortunately, when the hanging tie is cut, the stock market crashes, the country's economy is not supposed to go bankrupt! The truth is, there is no harm in cutting the suspensory tie. You will not have a problem either immediately after the operation or in the following years.


estetik cerrahi This is a question frequently asked by patients who are afraid of cutting the suspensory ligament.

estetik cerrahi First of all, let me reiterate: I don't think cutting the suspensory ligament has any bad side effects, as long as it's not cut completely. You won't be harmed. Since I think that cutting the suspensory ligament completely removes the bone support necessary for sexual intercourse, I do not cut the suspensory ligament completely. In this way, there is no harm in cutting the suspension ligament.

estetik cerrahi Now let's come to whether the hanging tie can be sewn back into place. The suspension tie can be sewn back into place. Although such a thing has not been requested by anyone until now, the suspensory ligament can be sewn back in after it is cut, we know this, because in patients with "congenital penis shaft rotation", the suspensory ligament is cut and re-stitched.

estetik cerrahi "Congenital penile shaft rotation" is an interesting congenital anomaly. The penis is congenitally sideways. The books say this is a very rare deformity, and many surgeons may not experience a single "congenital penile shaft rotation" in their lifetime. I have seen 4 cases so far, I have operated on two of them. So, why is the suspensory ligament cut and then stitched again in this deformity?

estetik cerrahi In this deformity, the penis attaches incorrectly to the pelvis from birth and stands sideways. The procedure to fix it is to cut the suspensory ligament completely, rotate the penis, and sew the suspensory ligament back to the penis while it is in the normal position. Special threads (braided, non-melting surgical threads) that have no loosening share are used for this surgery. Thus, it is ensured that the penis adheres to the pelvis in the correct position. The posture of the penis is corrected.

estetik cerrahi So it is of course possible to re-sew the suspension tie; but to date, not even one of the penis enlargement cases has made such a request...

estetik cerrahi Click here to go to the page about congenital penis shaft rotation: Total penis shaft rotation...


estetik cerrahi Penis enlargement (This is the real issue..)

estetik cerrahi Adipose tissue, fillers, soft silicone implants, skin patches with peeled dead skin layer can be used for penis enlargement.

estetik cerrahi Of these options, fat injection is the one that gives the most natural results and has the least possibility of complications. That's why we only thicken with fat injection. It is necessary to pay attention to some technical details while performing fat injection. In addition, there are many modifications that we make according to ourselves. It will be easier to understand if we list them item by item.

estetik cerrahi The quality of the fat taken from the belly is very important when doing fat injection. If the fat is very edematous, the loss in this fat is excessive. It is not possible to predict in advance how good or how bad the patient's belly fat is. However, it can be understood when removing fat from the belly with a vacuum injector during surgery.

estetik cerrahi Over the years, we've noticed something interesting. In patients from Europe, the fat we get from the belly is of very good quality; that is, the liquid content is very low, a dry fat comes out. It's like mashed potatoes. It may not melt for years. Thus, we had patients who came for control 5 years and 6 years after the operation; There was no need to re-inject them with fat. On the other hand, the fat taken from some patients seems very edematous. Adipose tissue literally floats in water in the injector. In these cases, there is a lot of loss within 6 months and it is necessary to make a fat injection again in the following months. We now know that the reason for this difference is the diet. In people who feed on animal origin, the fat tissue is of high quality and does not melt in the penis. On the other hand, in people who eat plant-based sources, belly fat comes mixed with serum, that is, it is of poor quality. It melts over time. In the cases from Europe, I attribute the good fat to the fact that they took lard with food. In Europe, lard is used abundantly in meals, desserts, bread, pastries and canned foods. However, in our country, mostly vegetable fats are used in cooking. This causes the adipose tissue to be weak and to melt after injection.

estetik cerrahi I don't think there is a way to tell whether the fat will be of good quality or of poor quality. However, if the patient has come from a European country such as Germany, Norway, France, we can guess that he will be fine.

estetik cerrahi Formerly (between 2004-2012) 70-80 cc. When we saw that this amount made erection difficult in some patients while injecting fat, we reduced this amount. If the patient has an erection problem; If the penis does not harden very tightly during the erection, 80 cc given around the penis. adipose tissue makes erection completely difficult. The patient's erection problem becomes obvious. Therefore, 50-60 cc for thickening in one go. We do not pass. Please do not ask for excessive fat injection regardless of whom you have surgery; you will regret it. An enlarged but not erect penis is useless.

estetik cerrahi Additional video on penis enlargement and fat injection.. You must watch it, it is very important..

estetik cerrahi Penis thinning: Noooo!!!

estetik cerrahi In penis enlargement surgeries, there is bruising in the belly where we remove fat. From where?


estetik cerrahi In all books and articles, this surgery has been approached from a purely visual point of view. It has always been ignored how the patient's partner will feel when he touches the surgical site.

estetik cerrahi We have to change this perspective!

estetik cerrahi This surgery is performed completely and directly for sexuality. No one should have sexual intercourse with the opposite sex. Sex is a tactile event rather than a visual one. That's why I think we should consider "touch" and approach these surgeries in a different way.

estetik cerrahi We are still developing this surgery by listening to our patients and evaluating their feedback. Finally, we have added some innovations to the surgical procedure.

estetik cerrahi For example, we inject fat around the part of the penis that is not visible from the outside and continues under the pelvis (inner part). The reason for this is this: in the technique normally written in books, only the visible part of the penis is taken into account and thickening the visible part is considered sufficient. If the patient's partner holds the bottom of the penis, this part may feel thin; because fat is not injected into this bottom part, which normally continues inwards and is not visible from the outside. After listening to such feedbacks, we decided to inject fat around the part that is not normally seen from the outside, but will be felt when you hold the penis from the bottom part.

estetik cerrahi We see that the modifications we made, thinking that the patient's partner would touch the genitals, contributed positively to the outcome of the surgery. Patient satisfaction is high thanks to these minor modifications.

estetik cerrahi It would be wrong to inject fat equally all over the penis. That's what we did in the beginning. Then we saw that if fat is given to all sides of the penis equally, the middle part of the penis becomes thicker the most; The part of the circumcision suture and the bottom of the penis remain thin. Why is this happening? Because the middle part of the skin of the penis is mostly loose. The fat injected here provides immediate thickening. The circumcision suture line, on the other hand, is taut and less flexible; It's hard to thicken here. At the bottom of the penis, the skin now thickens and takes on the skin of the abdomen; so it is difficult to thicken this part as well. For these reasons, we inject extra fat to the bottom of the penis and to the circumcision suture line, by injecting it equally on all sides while injecting fat. In this way, we provide a very smooth and homogeneous thickening...

estetik cerrahi Sometimes the patient becomes an athlete and does not have much fat in his belly. In this case, we take fat from the groin and the inner part of the legs. We definitely find enough fat tissue around here..

estetik cerrahi The extension is permanent. Once the suspensory is cut and the penis is slid out, this process will not be restored, and it cannot be done again (you cannot cut the cut suspensory again). Fat injection is not permanent. We see that the injected fat sometimes stays without melting for a very long time (5-7 years), but I don't think it is permanent for a lifetime. In other words, it is wrong to say that fat injection is permanent, you will get a lifetime result at once. In some patients, melting is excessive and at the end of 6 months, they come for the second fat injection; sometimes I don't recommend a second fat injection to a patient who has been 5 years or 7 years old and hasn't melted properly. That's why I find statements like "30-40% meltdown in fat" which I read in the press from time to time, or see on youtube, absurd. It depends on the parameters and varies a lot from person to person. For example, the quality of the fat taken, the body of the person, whether or not to have intercourse early (3 weeks should not have intercourse), changes the amount of fat melting. Nobody knows when or how much meltdown will occur. It's different for everyone.

estetik cerrahi If the fat injection is to be done once again, there should be at least 6 months between the two operations. If the surgical areas are still hard due to the previous surgery, it should be expected that these areas soften and regain their former flexibility; otherwise, it will be very difficult to get fat from the places where fat was taken before. While the cannula is hard, you can't get in and out of the fat easily and you can't get the fat. In addition, the tissues in the penis should be softened. If you try to inject fat while the tissues are still hard in the penis, the cannula will not easily enter the hard tissue and fat injection cannot be done as desired. There must be sufficient time between the two operations and the tissues must be softened.

estetik cerrahi For a successful surgery..

Two factors determine whether the injected fat "holds or not" in thickening...

estetik cerrahi Of course, fat injection has a lot of technical details, but the following 2 factors determine the adhesion of the injected fat tissue for thickening in penis enlargement surgery:

estetik cerrahi 1: Having intercourse, masturbation or massage in the first 3 weeks after the surgery... Since the injected adipose tissue has not yet taken the form of connective tissue in the first 3 weeks, it mixes with the blood and melts with actions such as having intercourse or massaging. It is possible. That's why you shouldn't have intercourse for the first 3 weeks, you shouldn't masturbate, you shouldn't massage. I hear that some clinics recommend massage to their patients. I think it's completely wrong advice. Massaging in the first 3 weeks will melt the injected fat.

estetik cerrahi 2: The quality of the fat taken from the navel and the sides of the waist... If the quality of the fat taken from the navel is good, that is, if it is dry, like mashed potatoes, it holds well and remains without melting for many years. If the fat taken from the belly is very edematous, if the adipose tissue floats in the serum in the injector, it means that there will be a lot of loss. No matter how much you strain and condense this fat, it tends to melt. In this case, we also consider the melt rate and inject a little more fat. We call the patient for control after 6 months. In these patients, it is usually necessary to inject fat once more within 1 year.


estetik cerrahi I've been hearing about this P-shot application for about 5-6 years. This application, after all, is nothing but mixing the fat with the PRP prepared from the patient's own blood. The substances and cells in PRP are all about wound healing and tissue regeneration. Therefore, if we want tissue healing and regeneration, PRP will of course be useful. Due to these properties, PRP is very effective in injuries and in cases where tissue regeneration is desired. For example, its effect on knee cartilage regeneration, facial aesthetics, firearm injuries in the elderly is indisputable; but this is not the case with penis enlargement.

estetik cerrahi The amount of fat we inject for the purpose of thickening the penis is more than the fat can hold as living tissue. If we say as classical knowledge, in order for the fat to be kept as living tissue and to survive, the fat tissue must be injected into the living tissue with healthy blood, in the form of a column with a maximum diameter of 1 centimeter. In this way, the adipose tissue nourishes and lives from the surrounding tissue. However, the amount of fat injected in penis enlargement is much higher than this and therefore does not hold as living tissue. Fat tissue dies and becomes connective tissue. For many reasons, we do not want the fat to retain as living adipose tissue (watch the "thickening" video for a detailed explanation on this subject).

estetik cerrahi To summarize, the adipose tissue injected for thickening does not remain alive, but turns into connective tissue. This is more true in terms of the outcome of the surgery. It is not right to try to keep the fat alive. Even if we want this amount of adipose tissue, it will not survive, it will turn into connective tissue. Therefore, adding PRP into it to try to keep the fat alive -in my opinion- is useless..

estetik cerrahi That's why I don't use p-shots in penis enlargement surgery. I don't believe it helps either. I think it is an app made up to earn extra money..

estetik cerrahi On the other hand, injecting PRP into the erectile tissue of the penis may be beneficial for patients with erectile dysfunction. This is another matter entirely. Erectile dysfunction has nothing to do with penis enlargement. Even if there is an erection problem, performing penile enlargement surgery may make the erection problem worse. Here, PRP can be injected to treat the erection problem. For this purpose, PRP injection is made into the hardened erectile tissue, not under the skin.


estetik cerrahi This is a very curious subject.

estetik cerrahi In fact, the normal size limits vary according to each breed. While the penis size is smaller in Far Easterners, it is larger in Latinos and blacks. The reason for this is the harmony of male-female body structures according to races. Simply put, latin and black women have very large hips, so men have larger penises (latin man's penis should be able to pass through latin woman's huge hips and reach the vagina, so latin and black men have a larger penis). In the Far East, the penis size of men is also small because women are petite and their hips are narrow and small. It is compatible with men and women of all races.

estetik cerrahi The chart below shows the average penis size by country (in inches):

estetik cerrahi The chart below shows the average penis size in European countries (in centimeters):

estetik cerrahi Is your penis size enough?

How is penis size classified for Türkiye?

estetik cerrahi We can roughly make a classification for our country (lengths are measurements from the base of the penis to the tip in erection):

estetik cerrahi Micropenis: shorter than 5 cm (penis enlargement surgery does not give very good results)

estetik cerrahi Short penis: Between 6 and 9 inches (although not very good results can be obtained from penis enlargement)

estetik cerrahi Normal limits: Between 10-18 cm (good results are obtained without penis enlargement)

estetik cerrahi Large penis: Larger than 18 cm (penis enlargement works best.)

estetik cerrahi I can easily say that 99% of the patients who applied to the surgeon for penile enlargement surgery in our country are patients within the normal limits. As many surgeons think, this surgery is not done to enlarge penises that are small in size. The larger the penis, the more successful it is, as the surgical procedure is to slide the penile tissue out without damaging its integrity. If the length of the penis is less than 10 cm in erection, it is not possible to extend it by surgery. Therefore, this surgery does not work in patients with short or micro-penis.

estetik cerrahi This surgery is actually not a penis enlargement of the small penis's surgery.

estetik cerrahi This surgery is actually "the surgery to enlarge normal or large penises"; And the larger the penis, the better the result. Contrary to popular belief, it does not work in cases with micropenis.

estetik cerrahi Please also watch the video on this subject...

estetik cerrahi Does size matter or function?

You are considering penis enlargement surgery, but you have not told your partner yet.. What should you do?

estetik cerrahi I have been performing these surgeries since 2004 and I have incredible experience in this regard.

estetik cerrahi My advice to you (you have two options):

1) Either tell your spouse that you are considering this surgery, convince him. Come to the doctor with his consent..

2) ..or don't say it at all; be a surprise after surgery.


estetik cerrahi Why?

estetik cerrahi The surgeries of our patients, who came for the day for penis enlargement and told their husbands the night before the surgery that they would have this surgery, were always canceled at the last minute (the morning of the surgery). If your wife finds out about this surgery at the last minute, she will probably be very angry and mess up. We have witnessed this event many times.

estetik cerrahi Either talk to your spouse from the beginning and get their approval, or don't say it at all, it will be a surprise. In both of these cases, the event does not happen. Both the patient and his wife are satisfied.


estetik cerrahi Sometimes our patients just want an extension. Unfortunately, extension alone is not possible, because the result will not be good.

estetik cerrahi I show the photo you see below to my patients who only want extensions from me. This photo was taken in the middle of a penis enlargement surgery. Penis lengthening has been done but thickening (fat injection) has not been done yet. If only stretching is done, the image will look like this. Notice that there is a collapse at the base of the penis (the place marked with the red X in the photo on the left). This is where the suspension tie, indicated by the green X in the drawing to the right, is cut. When the suspensory ligament is cut and the penis is pushed out, a gap is created between the penis and the pelvis. Here the skin collapses slightly. This depression must be filled with fat injection. If it is not filled, it will be a bad image. Therefore, fat injection must be done.

estetik cerrahi There is one more thing I want you to see in the photo.

estetik cerrahi In the photo on the left, the stem part of the Y-shaped suture line connected to the V-Y plasty at the base of the penis (distance indicated by red A), the length of the collapse at the base of the penis due to the cutting of the suspensory ligament and pulling the penis out (red B) The distance indicated by >) is almost the same and is about 2 cm. This distance indicates the elongation achieved by surgery.

estetik cerrahi The elongation obtained by cutting the suspensory ligament is exactly as much as the stem of the Y-shaped suture at the base of the penis. This distance is equal to the length of the collapse at the base of the penis (depending on the cutting of the suspensory ligament).

estetik cerrahi This photograph is proof that the penis enlargement obtained by cutting the suspensory ligament is not an illusion, but a real elongation.

estetik cerrahi Why not a stand-alone extension?


estetik cerrahi We have experienced short-term urinary incontinence in 8-10 patients after penile enlargement surgery. This event usually lasts for a short time and resolves spontaneously after 1 week.

estetik cerrahi To date, this complaint has continued for about 2 months in only 1 patient. We asked the patient for all necessary consultations and had all the necessary examinations and films done. We finally found out the cause of urinary incontinence. This question has nothing to do with the surgical technique. It's all about stress. Watch the video below.

estetik cerrahi Urinary incontinence after penis enlargement surgery. An annoying but temporary problem..

estetik cerrahi What causes urinary incontinence after penis enlargement surgery? How is it treated?


estetik cerrahi The patient must understand the limitations of this surgery and be able to understand what the doctor is saying. Patients with psychiatric diseases (such as schizophrenia), who have difficulty in understanding what is being said, and who have unrealistic expectations should not be operated on.

estetik cerrahi For penis enlargement surgery, there must be oil in the patient's belly, waist, groin, somewhere, to use for enlargement. I do not recommend this surgery to extremely thin patients or people who use fat burners and have very low body fat.

estetik cerrahi For penis enlargement surgery, penis size must be within normal limits. As a rule, we want the penis to be at least 10 cm in erection. No results can be obtained for penises shorter than 10 cm in erection.

estetik cerrahi Patients with a type of penis called "meat penis" among the people. In other words, patients with a penis that does not retract too much when soft, is not pulled in, and has a sagging penis outside are suitable for this surgery.

estetik cerrahi Patients with "quality" of adipose tissue removed from the navel during surgery. By "quality" I mean the oil should be as dry as possible. The more edematous this oil is, the more it melts when mixed with serum. Unfortunately, there is no way to know in advance whether belly fat is of good quality or poor quality. However, it can be seen during surgery. For my detailed explanations on this subject, watch the "Penis thickening, fat injection" videos.

estetik cerrahi Patients with many partners and active sexual life sometimes cannot stop without intercourse for 3 weeks after the operation. In this case, fat melting and loss are high. For this reason, patients who cannot stay without intercourse for three weeks are not very suitable cases..

estetik cerrahi Buried penis cases are disadvantageous in the first place. Buried penis is a very troubling problem. It takes a lot of surgical maneuvers to get the penis out, and yet there is always the possibility of recurrence. In a very bad combination, the patient's penis can be both buried and short (even the worst, it can be both buried, short and retracted!). I think it is impossible to understand this situation in advance. If you have operated on the patient and have done everything to remove the penis; In fact, if you have undergone revision surgery a couple of times and have tried everything and couldn't get the penis out, I think that patient should be considered as a short penis case. Cases with an embedded penis are difficult cases for penile lengthening with the possibility of recurrence.

estetik cerrahi Far eastern patients are not good cases (not very good results because the penis size is small).

estetik cerrahi Hispanic and black patients are excellent cases for this surgery. Since the penis size is large, the result of the surgery is also very good.

estetik cerrahi Some patients have very tight penile skin; It's not loose at all. The skin is tight, like the casing on a sausage. In these patients, tight penile skin does not allow excess fat injection. As soon as we pull the cannula, it tends to expel the oil we injected. So if the penis skin is too tight, this is something we don't want; makes thickening difficult. Patients with loose and wrinkled penile skin like parchment are good cases. Good results are obtained without thickening with fat injection. However, the thickness of the penile skin is also important. In cases with thick penile skin, a smoother result is obtained, because the thick penile skin covers the roughness. If the skin is very thin, it shows the roughness due to oil injection from the outside. All I want to say is that for best results, the penis should be loose enough to pull the skin and hold it between your fingers, but not too thin.

estetik cerrahi Patients who have had a kidney transplant, are older (around 70-80 years old), have diabetes for a long time, and have erection difficulties are not good cases for this surgery. Adipose tissue injected around the penis for thickening in penis enlargement surgery may make erection more difficult in these patients.

estetik cerrahi Let me also remind you that we do not accept HIV+ patients for surgery. We cannot accept HIV+ patients due to technical deficiencies in the hospital where we perform the surgeries.

estetik cerrahi Who are the most suitable cases for penis enlargement?


estetik cerrahi This is the most frequently asked question by our patients. Have no such worries.

estetik cerrahi This surgery is perhaps the safest and most interesting surgery in plastic surgery; because the procedure is penis enlargement, but we do it without touching the penis. During the extension, we cut the suspensory ligament behind the penis; We do not touch the tissue of the penis itself. While thickening, we inject fat under the skin of the penis. In other words, all the surgery is done completely around the penis, the penile tissue is not touched.

estetik cerrahi Do not forget that, in penile enlargement surgery, the penile tissue as a whole is shifted outwards without losing its integrity. No vein or nerve of the penis is damaged during the operation. Therefore, it is not possible to damage the penis during the operation.

estetik cerrahi On the other hand, we clinically record all our surgeries on video. If you wish, you can watch your surgery later. All actions are documented.


estetik cerrahi After the surgery..

estetik cerrahi We usually see our patients in our clinic at least 1 day before the surgery.

estetik cerrahi The next morning, we usually take the surgery at 09:00.

estetik cerrahi The operation ends in 45 minutes to 1 hour.

estetik cerrahi We keep our patient in the hospital until 15:00. No need to stay overnight. We are usually discharged at 15:00.

estetik cerrahi We prescribe 3 drugs to our patients, one for painkillers, one for antibiotics, and one for erectile dysfunction. They must take their prescriptions at the time of discharge. They cannot get the antibiotic from the pharmacy without a prescription. Patients returning abroad also have a hard time taking medication if they forget their prescriptions. We inform both our patients and our service nurses about the prescription.

estetik cerrahi You can take the painkiller up to 3 tablets a day as long as you have pain, but usually patients do not. This surgery is not a very painful operation. On the other hand, use the antibiotic by taking 1 or 2 tablets a day according to the prescribed antibiotic until the box is finished. The other drug is a drug that prevents an erection. You need to take 1 tablet per day. In the post-operative period, you will feel pain if you have an erection, especially at night, while you are asleep. The cause of this pain is the stitches placed at the bottom of the penis. These are the stitches that make the penis elongate. When the penis is erect, these stitches are stretched and you feel pain. Therefore, it would be better not to have an erection during the recovery period. So you can sleep comfortably at night. Unfortunately, this drug only shows its effect in 4-5 days. Therefore, you may wake up with pain at night in the first days right after the surgery. Do not give up taking the drug. Be sure to keep taking 1 tablet a day and use it until the box is gone. We immediately start this medicine for the patients we see 4-5 days before the surgery. Thus, it shows its effect until the day of surgery.

estetik cerrahi If our patient has come from abroad or from outside the city, he can go to his hometown by plane at 20:00-21:00 at night. We have been working with this routine for about 10-12 years and we have not had a single case with a problem so far. We also sent our patients who came from very long distances, such as the USA and Japan, on the night of the operation (12-13 hours, non-stop direct flight). We reached these patients 2 days later via Skype and made a video call, and we saw that they returned very easily. They do not have a problem in the operation area as we stop all bleeding and put the stitches in layers during the surgery. In fact, the biggest problem of patients is blunt pain in the area where fat is removed from their belly. This is where it causes more discomfort at the base of the penis where the suspensory ligament is cut. It also causes blunt pain.

estetik cerrahi The patients are discharged with dressing. Since the end of the dressing is open and the penis head is out, they can easily go to the toilet.

estetik cerrahi We ask the patients not to open their dressings for 3 days and not to take a shower. The reason for this is that the seams at the bottom of the penis boil at least enough to be waterproof during the shower. On the 3rd day after the operation, the patient takes off his dressings under the shower and takes a shower. Soapy water will not do any harm to the 3-day stitched wound. Soapy water is already a disinfectant. Surgeons who are allergic to batikona in operating rooms wash their hands with soapy water before going into surgery. So don't be afraid of soapy water on the 3rd day. Rinse with clear water at the end of the shower. After getting out of the shower, dry the surgical site thoroughly (and thoroughly dehumidify with a paper towel).

estetik cerrahi There is no need for re-dressing after that. The surgical site may remain open, and the patient may wear underwear without dressing.

Sir, what is this! You sewed the seam like a quilt!!!

estetik cerrahi My patients sometimes text me when I remove the dressing on the 3rd day.. "You did a good job, my teacher..", "I was promoted from the local league to the super league thanks to you.." like.. One day, a patient of mine sent a message like this: How did you sew, teacher! You sewed like a quilt, it's so bad..." Yes, I sew like a quilt, but ask me why am I sewing like this?

estetik cerrahi The reason why my patient calls the stitch "quilt stitch" is because I stitched the wound lips together. This is a suture technique and is known as "everte suture" or "continious horizontal matress" in medicine. In some areas, we especially sew the wound lips outward, because the wound will collapse as it heals in that area. If you sew the suture in relief, after the wound heals, that swelling will decrease and the suture scar will be level with its surroundings. Thus, it becomes as obscure as possible. If we had sutured the seam without embossing (at the same level as its circumference) at first, the wound would collapse as it healed and a hollow scar would remain. That's why in this surgery, we especially sew "like a quilt" when sewing the surgical site. You can see this sewing technique in the video below. Since the video is for teaching purposes, the stitching is a bit rough.

estetik cerrahi Continious horizontal matress surgical suture...

estetik cerrahi In the first week after the operation, we tell our patients about the swelling and bruises that may be due to the operation, so that they are not surprised. For example, there may be bruises in the belly or on the sides of the waist where fat is removed. These bruises vary from person to person. Sometimes there is no bruising, sometimes it is seen as dark purple lines. Especially in patients who use blood thinners, bruises may be too much. It is completely normal and temporary. In addition, swelling and edema at the operation site may drain down and cause swelling in the circumcision suture line, close to the glans penis, within the first week. Since the penis is a pendulous organ, edema drains here. This swelling is also temporary; It disappears in 2-3 weeks.

estetik cerrahi Since all sutures are placed with self-melting threads, the patient does not need to have their sutures removed. The stitches will gradually dissolve and fall off within 3 weeks. During this period, the patient can take a shower every day, there is no problem.

estetik cerrahi After the operation, intercourse is prohibited for 3 weeks. Movement on the penis (massage, sexual intercourse, masturbation) in the early period causes excessive loss of oil injected for thickening. It doesn't matter if you have a morning erection. Erection alone does not harm fat. In fact, I think the occasional erection allows for a more natural distribution of fat. So there's no harm in having an erection. The important thing is that there is no massage-like movement on the penis.

estetik cerrahi Some patients say, "I would stay away from intercourse for 2 months if it would be beneficial." This would not be true, because the penis that is not used for a long time, does not get an erection, becomes smaller. It is necessary not to prolong the period of not having intercourse; 3 weeks is enough. In patients hospitalized in the intensive care unit for any reason, a decrease in the penis is usually observed. The reason is that the penis does not get an erection for a long time.

estetik cerrahi Those who want to use traction devices such as Andropenis and Penimaster that pull the penis out after the surgery can start using these tools 7-10 days after the surgery. There is no harm in these tools, but I do not think that there is any benefit. We use an instrument of my own design called the "idyll penis retractor" during the surgery. This device is a device designed to fully protrude the penis. Thanks to this surgical instrument, we can protrude the penis as far as possible during the operation. It is not possible to pull the penis further out. For this reason, we do not recommend pulling out the penis exercises or traction devices that pull the penis out to our patients after the surgery. These tools and penis pulling exercises do not provide any additional benefit to our patients, because we are already pushing the penis out to the maximum extent during the surgery.

estetik cerrahi At the end of three weeks, sexual intercourse is also free. In the first intercourse, some pain may be felt at the base of the penis where the suspensory ligament is cut. The cause of this pain is not the cutting of the suspensory ligament, but the repulsive stitches placed on the back of the penis. In the extension process, cutting the suspensory ligament alone does not work; it is absolutely necessary to push the penile tissue out of the bone, which is freed from the bone. In fact, this is the most important stage of penis lengthening surgery. For this reason, we make 4-6 sutures on the back of the penis tissue in a very smooth way. These sutures push the penile tissue outward. These are the stitches that provide elongation. It is these stitches that cause pain during erection. Usually, after 2-3 intercourse, patients say that the pain goes away.

There are two penis enlargement surgeries: 1) Classic suspensory ligament cutting technique and 2) Perovic technique. What are the differences between these two techniques?

1) Classic suspensory ligament cutting technique (this is the technique we apply):

estetik cerrahi 1) Classic suspensory ligament cutting technique: The essence of this technique is to slide the inside part of the penis out. For this, the suspensory ligament holding the penis in front of the pelvis is cut. The cut suspension tie is indicated by the green X in the drawing below. The penile tissue is slid out as a block. As it can be understood, the success of this surgery is completely proportional to the length of the penis, since no part is added in between. The larger the penis, the better the elongation. On the other hand, this technique does not work in micropenis cases, since no part is added and the success of the surgery is proportional to the size of the penis. In my experience, if the penis is shorter than 10 cm in erection, this surgery does not work well. One good thing about the classical technique is that it is extremely safe. The integrity of the penile tissue is not disturbed and the penile tissue is slid out as a single block. Therefore, it is an extremely safe method.

estetik cerrahi To summarize, the classical technique is extremely safe, it provides elongation by sliding out one piece without disturbing the integrity of the penile tissue, but the bigger the penis, the better the result, the smaller the penis It doesn't work in cases of micropenis..

2) Perovic technique (we do not do this surgery because it is too risky):

estetik cerrahi 2) Perovic technique: In the Perovic method, the penile tissue is divided into two (veins and nerves are preserved on the back side and the urinary tract is preserved on the lower side) and a cartilage piece taken from the ribs is placed in between. This piece of cartilage is usually placed between the glans penis and the body of the penis. The thing that provides the elongation is this piece of cartilage put in between. This technique works even in cases of micropenis, since the piece is inserted. In an erection, whether the length of the penis is 5 cm, 2-3 cm elongation can be achieved. There are many modifications of this surgery. Various variations have been tried, in which the penis is cut not straight but in steps. It is a fact that this technique is a very dangerous operation since the penile tissue is cut in two. The blood circulation of the glans penis may be impaired and the glans may be lost. Even in the articles of the surgeon (Dr. Perovic) who described the method, cases of loss of the glans penis are mentioned. Dr. You can see photos of such cases in Provic's articles. Although it works even in cases of micropenis, it is such a risky surgery that it has not become widespread in the world. Due to this high risk, we do not perform this surgery.

estetik cerrahi To summarize, the Perovic technique is a very risky technique, the tissue of the penis is cut in half and a piece of cartilage is put in between. When trying to lengthen the penis, the glans of the penis (even half of the penis) may be lost. On the other hand, the success of the surgery does not depend on the size of the penis itself, since it provides lengthening by putting a piece in between, lengthening can be achieved even in cases with micropenis..

estetik cerrahi If a surgeon does not cut the suspensory ligament (classical method) or cuts the penis in one area and does not add a cartilage piece (perovic technique), it does not mean that he is not doing lengthening. Therefore, do not believe those who say that we do not cut the suspensory ligament, we extend the penis from the lower side. No such technique.


estetik cerrahi Possible complications

estetik cerrahi The most common problem after this surgery may be excessive dissolution of the injected fat. In fact, it should not be seen as a complication. A certain amount of melting in the injected fat is inherent in this surgery. That's why we usually do an additional oil injection after 1 year.

estetik cerrahi Enfeksiyon.. Since the operated area is the genital area, it is considered surgically dirty. Antibiotics must be used after surgery. Despite this, we do not see infection after surgery.

estetik cerrahi Opening at the sutures. In the past, we used to sew with stitches that dissolve earlier so that the stitches would fall off quickly, but in one or two patients, we changed the surgical threads we used and started to use threads that dissolve later. This is why we no longer see openings at the seams. The stitches fall off on their own in about 3 weeks. Despite everything, opening in this region (in the middle of the Y seam) can only be seen in smokers. Smoking impairs wound healing. I recommend that you reduce smoking especially for 2 weeks after the surgery.

estetik cerrahi Some deformities may adversely affect the outcome of the surgery. For example, a skin problem we call "invisible ring deformity" can adversely affect the result. In this problem, there is a tightness in the skin of the penis body, as if there is an invisible ring in an area. This is often not recognized before surgery. When we inject fat for thickening in the surgery, a place stays narrow and does not expand as if there is an invisible ring in this area. The solution to this is to inject fat once more after at least 6 months. This is a problem I've come across 10-12 times so far. Until now, the problem was solved with the second fat injection in all patients except one; that narrow area finally stretched and the stenosis was corrected. Although we performed two fat injections in one of our patients, this situation did not improve (as of May 2023). I am planning to perform a radical operation on that patient as well. I am planning to surgically remove the narrow area that looks like an invisible ring in the form of a ring. This problem is entirely due to the inflexibility of a part of the penile skin.

estetik cerrahi Another problematic deformity is the retracted penis", popularly known as the "blood penis". Retracted penis means that the penis shrinks excessively when it is soft. This problem is completely caused by the structure of the erectile tissue of the penis. In some patients, the penis becomes very small when it is soft and may even drop to 1 centimeter. We call this a retracted penis in medicine (colloquially they call it a blood penis). In some patients, even when the penis is soft, it remains out and drooping. Colloquially, they call it the "meat penis". It does not have a special name in medicine, because this situation is completely normal. The bad thing about the retracted penis (blood penis) is this: the penis is already slightly erect since we touched it during the surgery. In this case, we inject fat for thickening. After the operation, when the penis is soft, it tends to shrink excessively, because this is the structure of the erectile tissue. While the penis is shrinking, the fatty tissue we inject around it is collected on itself, layer by layer, together with the skin. Therefore, in cases with retracted penis, there may be deformity in the area (on the body) where fat injection is made after the first surgery. If another oil injection is made after at least 6 months, this situation will improve. The retracted penis problem is not a rare condition like the "invisible ring deformity" I mentioned above. It's a problem we see more often. If the collapse in the penile tissue is too much, I do not recommend these patients to undergo surgery. It is very difficult to explain the prolongation to these patients. Even if you lengthen the penis, it may still look small after surgery because its own tissue collapses and shrinks. Elongation in the erection is obvious, but patients generally want to see the penis outside when it is soft. In cases with a retracted penis, this is usually not possible.

estetik cerrahi Penis lengthening surgery is not performed in cases with short penis, because you cannot achieve elongation by surgery in penises whose erection length is shorter than 10 cm. Sometimes the patient comes to us as a buried penis case. If these cases are treated only as buried penises, it would be a huge mistake. The penis may appear buried, but on the other hand, it is short. This is a very bad combination. No results can be obtained. An even worse combination is the penis is both buried, short and retracted. If the patient's penis is in this structure, no results can be obtained with surgery. These patients should not be operated on.

estetik cerrahi We said that there may be partial melting in the injected oil. This melting can be uneven, meaning that while fat remains on one side of the penis, it can melt on the other. This uneven distribution is usually corrected in the second fat injection.

estetik cerrahi Why are revision surgeries expensive in penis enlargement surgeries?

The matter of clumping of the injected fat tissue.

estetik cerrahi A frequent complaint of patients (in the past) was lumps of fat in the areas where fat was injected after surgery. If these lumps formed a few months after the surgery, they felt like chickpeas. To avoid this problem, it is necessary to pay attention to some points.

estetik cerrahi First, look at the photo below. Here you see the preparation of the oil for injection. These two injectors are connected to each other by means of a spacer attached between the two injectors. The adipose tissue is thinned by passing from one injector to the other; that is, the adipose tissue is crushed.

estetik cerrahi According to our experience over the years, the better this thinning process is, the less clumping is seen. So it is important to crush the oil thoroughly. At this point, it is very important that the hole in the middle of the spacer placed between the two injectors is thin. If the hole is thinned with a thin spacer, no clumping is seen.

estetik cerrahi See the photo below. The spacer on the left, with a large hole in the middle, is the spacer we used in the past. At that time, our patients had lumps. We now use the right-hand spacer with a very thin hole. We haven't seen clumping in our cases for a long time.

estetik cerrahi If the injected fat is thinned well and well distributed to the subcutaneous tissue while being injected, there is no clumping.

estetik cerrahi We have recently been working on an oil injection technique that will increase the retention rate of injected oil and at the same time completely prevent clumping (2023). If the results are successful, I will announce it on this site..


estetik cerrahi If the patient has erectile dysfunction before the operation and 60 cc. If more fat is injected, the erection may become more difficult. If this happens, there is no need to do anything. After a while, as some of the fat will melt, the patient relaxes and the erection state returns to the pre-operative state.

estetik cerrahi In this surgery, there is no shortening of the penis, but sometimes the patient may think that there is a shortening of the penis due to swelling. Please do not comment on elongation-shortening before swelling goes down. In order to see the final state of the surgery, the swelling should go down and the tissues should soften (gain their former flexibility).

estetik cerrahi Complications are extremely rare as the penile tissue is shifted out without breaking its integrity. I think this is one of the most interesting operations of plastic surgery; Because we do penis enlargement without touching the penis. All procedures (lengthening by cutting the suspensory ligament and lengthening with fat injection) are completely performed around the penis and do not cause any harm to the penis.

"Invisible ring" deformity in the penis..

estetik cerrahi This is a rare, interesting deformity..

estetik cerrahi Let me tell you what the problem is: In penis enlargement surgery, sometimes when injecting fat for thickening, the skin does not stretch in one area of the penis and a region remains narrow in the form of a ring, as if there was an invisible ring. On the body of the penis, that annular region remains narrow, while other areas thicken; as if an invisible ring prevents the ratio from thickening during thickening. This is a very rare issue. From 2004 to 2023, we encountered this problem in only 10-12 patients. Except for one patient, there was no clue of this problem in the preoperative examination in the others. In other words, it is not possible to understand that this problem will occur in the examination performed before the surgery. During my examination in only one patient, I noticed a slight thinness in one part of the body of the penis and told the patient that we could encounter such a problem during the surgery. As I predicted in the surgery, an area on the body of the penis remained narrow all around, as if there was an invisible ring.

estetik cerrahi I think this problem is completely caused by the skin of the penis. There is a developmental problem in that area of the skin and the skin does not stretch in a ring-shaped area. This may even be a congenital mild form of amniotic band in the penis. The amniotic band is a congenital knuckle found in the fingers, arms, and legs. The patient's fingers, arms or legs as if an invisible rope is tightening, regional stenosis occurs. In fact, if these amniotic bands are too tight while the baby is developing in the womb, there may even be ruptures in the fingers, arms or legs. There is even the possibility that the narrow (non-flexible) areas of the skin we encounter on the penis may be a mild form of amniotic band. You can see examples of amniotic bands in the picture below.

estetik cerrahi If we have encountered this problem during penile enlargement surgery and there has been a narrowing all around as if there is an invisible ring, the remedy for this is to make a second oil injection after at least 6 months, forcing the skin in that area to stretch. Usually the appearance improves...

PRECISE AND CLEAR! There is so much false and false information circulating on the internet that, by telling the truth, my tongue is gone.. I am writing here again, item by item...

estetik cerrahi Do not be afraid of cutting the suspensory ligament! Cutting the suspensory ligament does not cause low penis, resentment, curvature, numbness, infertility, or high exchange rates!!!...

estetik cerrahi Penis enlargement surgery is a surgery with no possibility of complications if it is done properly. We do not touch the penile tissue in penile enlargement surgery! The suspensory ligament behind is cut to lengthen it, and subcutaneous fat is injected to thicken it. We do not touch the erectile tissue, vein, nerve, hair, head of the penis. When you go to Dimyata with rice, you can't have bulgur at home.

estetik cerrahi There is no penis enlargement surgery performed under the penis where the suspensory ligament is not cut. When I say enlargement, I am talking about the physical growth that you can measure with a ruler. Penoscrotal web correction under the penis is not a lengthening method, it does not extend the penile tissue even a measurable millimeter from the outside, only the penis appears to be extended. With the lengthening surgery, in which the suspensory ligament is cut, real elongation is achieved as the penile tissue is shifted out. Real penis lengthening surgery is not an illusion surgery. So, if you want to grow like a man, that suspensory ligament at the bottom of the penis and at the back will be cut, my brother!.. Although we do not cut 100% as in the classical technique, we cut 80% of the suspensory ligament. Cutting the lowest part of the suspensory ligament will not contribute to elongation. Therefore, it is sufficient to cut the suspension tie by 80% for the lengthening process.

estetik cerrahi The most annoying complication that may be related to lengthening and thickening in the surgery may be difficulty in erection due to excess fat. If the patient does not have a very good erection before the operation; If the patient has an erection problem, when excessive oil is given around the penis, the blood that fills the penis and ensures an erection cannot circulate to the vessels in the penis. The erection difficulty that existed before the operation in the patient becomes obvious. This is due to the fact that the pressure of the blood, which is completely filled into the penis, cannot break the resistance of the oil injected around the penis. For this reason, I do not recommend injecting excess oil around the penis. We usually drink 60-70 cc in a session. We do not pass. This amount is an extremely safe amount. Also, if the patient has erection difficulties, I recommend that this erection difficulty be treated before enlarging the penis.

estetik cerrahi In the last 1 year, news of 2 deaths related to this surgery was reported in the press. In the first case, the fat injected to thicken the patient was injected with a needle and given intravenously. It was really an ignorant move. We make this injection with cannulas with a round and closed tip (like a bullet tip) and the hole close to the tip, on the side. It is impossible for these cannulas to enter the vein and deliver the fat into the vein. In this respect, these surgeries are extremely safe when performed with the right technique. In the second case, the patient died as a result of a severe drug allergy (anaphylactic shock) during narcosis before the operation was started. Since the patient is a wealthy person and the operation to be performed is penis enlargement, the incident was reflected in the press in this way; otherwise the patient died before starting the operation. In this second case, the death has nothing to do with penis enlargement surgery. Completely a complication of anesthesia and allergy... I am sharing the links of these two news below:

1) First case of death Cause of death of the patient, intravenous administration of fat with wrong technique

2) Second death case The cause of death of the patient was an extreme allergic reaction to the anesthetic drug. It has nothing to do with penis enlargement surgery. The patient died while injecting the anesthetic before starting the operation.

estetik cerrahi "40% of the oil injected in thickening melts... They say so, my teacher..." Who says that! Are all the patients twins? People are not uniform. There is such a thing as a body. Yes, there will be some melting in the injected oil, but this varies between 0% and 100%. It varies so much from person to person that you cannot give a rate like 40%. I talked about this at length in the "Penis thickening video". I can roughly say that the retention and melting of the fat are determined by 2 factors: The quality of the fat taken from the belly and the sides of the waist and whether to have intercourse within the first 3 weeks after the surgery (there should be no movement on the penis in the first 3 weeks, so we recommend a 3-week sexual abstinence to the patients). Watch the video I mentioned.

estetik cerrahi When some patients say that you should not have intercourse for 3 weeks after the surgery, they say, "Sir, if it will be better, I will not enter for 6 weeks". Do not do this! So wrong!. If the penis does not get an erection for a long time, it becomes smaller. The penis shrinks. For example, patients who are seriously injured or have suffered a cerebral hemorrhage sometimes cannot leave the intensive care unit for months. Sometimes these patients need to be put to sleep for a long time. In these patients, the penis becomes smaller because it does not get an erection for a long time. So do not prolong sexual abstinence for more than 3 weeks just because it gets better. The three-week period is sufficient for the injected oil to hold, do not extend that period. Do not forget that the working iron (penis) shines!..

estetik cerrahi There are still doctor friends who ask me if this nerve is injured while the suspensory ligament is cut, if there is no possibility of injury to this nerve.. Now if this is asked again, I will scream! Friends, the suspensory ligament is just at the bottom of the penis and is IN THE MIDDLE! WE ARE WORKING ON THE MIDLINE OF THE PENIS, ON THE BACK, BOTTOM OF THE PENILE, WHAT IS THE VESSEL, WHAT NERVE IS THERE.. Please, if you still have questions, look at an anatomy book!.. They ask me "brother, how do you protect the pudental nerve?" he.. Where is the pudendal nerve tee! The dorsal penile nerve, which is the extension of that nerve, does not cause any problems as long as you do not cut the penis itself. Remember, in this surgery, the penis itself is not actually stabbed with a knife. The penis is shifted out with its erectile tissue, vessels and nerves as a complete block (without spoiling its integrity). Therefore, there is no risk of injury to any tissue. What should we do? We should take a look at the anatomy books and refresh our anatomy knowledge.. ;-)

estetik cerrahi Take care of your dick..

We do not have control at 3 points in penis enlargement..

estetik cerrahi The first is the structure of the patient's belly fat. As I mentioned above, belly fat is of higher quality in people who eat animal origin. This oil will provide thickness in the penis for many years without losing volume. On the other hand, in people who eat plant-based sources, belly fat is of poor quality and some volume loss occurs in the months after the surgery. I recommend that people with bad belly fat have another fat injection within a year. In these patients, we perform the second fat injection for half the cost of the first operation.

estetik cerrahi The second point that we have no control over is the prohibition of intercourse within 3 weeks after surgery. During this period, the patient should not have intercourse. Some clinics impose a relationship ban during this process and on the other hand, recommend that the patient massage the patient. This is completely illogical. The prohibition of intercourse is already given so that there is no movement on the penis. If there are movements such as massage on the penis within 3 weeks after the surgery, there will be a lot of loss in the injected oil. That's why massage, intercourse, masturbation, even oral sex are prohibited.

estetik cerrahi The third point beyond our control is the way the patient keeps his penis in the laundry. If the penis is kept too tilted to the right or left after the surgery, the distribution of the injected fat may be impaired. That's why I recommend keeping the penis straight, in the midline as much as possible.


estetik cerrahi If you have read the articles above, you have already read the answers to all your questions. Because this site has been a very comprehensive study. I'm putting three videos below. There are examples of interesting questions asked by patients in the videos...

estetik cerrahi Frequently asked Questions - 1

00:50 : Why should you not have intercourse for 3 weeks after the operation?
02:24 : Are the results of these surgeries permanent?
04:20 : Is filler applied to the head of the penis to treat premature ejaculation?
07:35 : How does the skin adapt to penis enlargement?
09:08 : P-shot??
10:30 : How and where do you take the surgery pictures?
12:00 : Are these surgeries legal?
13:00 : Someone in the world died in this surgery, you know, these surgeries were risk free?
15:40 : Doesn't the head of the penis remain small compared to the body during enlargement?
17:17 : What do you say? 19:25 : "Your penis size is normal, this surgery is done for small penis" ????
23:05 : "Are you getting the fat around the penis?"
25:30 : "My penis has been tilted to the left since surgery??"
27:00 : Does the penis fall off when the suspensory ligament is cut?
28:17 : Can the foreskin be replaced?

estetik cerrahi Frequently asked Questions - 2

01:07 : Right after the operation: "There is a swelling under the penis. I wonder if the fat has accumulated there?"
02:00 : The stitching is so bad! You sewed it like a quilt...
03:32 : No penis elongation, even shortening!!
05:18 : Is there any loss of feeling after the operation?
06:12 : Will there be pain in first relationships after surgery?
07:24 : Is a small amount of bleeding normal after surgery?
08:35: Dressing is seen on x-ray at the airport. What to do?
10:30 : Can I drive on the day of my surgery?
11:54 : Will the elongation also be evident in the erection? (Note: I also made a separate video on this subject. The elongation is also evident during erection, but when the hardness of the suture at the bottom of the penis softens.. At least 6 months must pass..)
18:43 : How many stitches are left at the bottom of the penis?
19:38 : The skin is extended from the back of the penis, why not under it?

estetik cerrahi Frequently asked Questions - 3

00:33 : Do not open the dressing immediately after the operation! When should the dressing be opened?
01:50 : When can you swim in the sea or pool after the operation?
02:25 : Why are penis measurements not taken in surgeries?
07:22 : What can the patient do to keep the fat better?
11:35 : Is penile filling a remedy for premature ejaculation?
13:45 : Why extension to the penile skin is done from the back; not made from the bottom?

estetik cerrahi What happens immediately after surgery - 1
01:10 : Surgery day
04:15 : Dressing may be contaminated on the first day of surgeries performed on testicles
05:20 : The day after the surgery and the first week
06:30 : Warnings for the first 3 weeks
08:40 : First relationships after three weeks..
10:25 : Taking a shower after surgery
12:50 : Why is intercourse forbidden for the first 3 weeks?
15:35 : A misunderstood surgery
18:15 : About the stitches
19:45 : Coarse stitches like quilt stitching..
22:30 : When will the prolongation of the erection be evident?
26:30 : Ideal penis enlargement surgery
28:10 : Why does the injected oil hold very well in some patients, but not in others?

estetik cerrahi What happens immediately after surgery - 2
00:20 : Risk of infection
02:00: Swelling and edema
02:55 : There is no problem with cutting the suspensory ligament! If there is a risk, it depends on the oil injection!
04:45 (until the end of the video): Problems that can be experienced with fat injection

estetik cerrahi Response to "My penis has been curved since the surgery" complaints..

estetik cerrahi Skin problems that can be encountered in penis enlargement surgery.
00:20 : Response to the complaints "You forgot to put oil in the surgery"..
04:00 : One side of the penis is swollen..
06:00: There may be skin adhesions in the body part of the penis
07:40 : "Invisible ring" deformity..

estetik cerrahi Is penis enlargement and curvature correction performed in the same surgery?
You want both penis enlargement and you have curvature in your penis. Can the curvature be corrected and penis enlargement done in the same session?

estetik cerrahi Why don't we measure with a tape measure in penis enlargement surgeries?
We do not measure length and thickness with tape measure in penis enlargement surgeries. Reasons in this video..

estetik cerrahi Can the erection of the erect penis be corrected?
Some patients say that during erection, their penis is extremely erect, even touching the navel. This situation can be corrected in penile enlargement surgery. I answer this in the shortest video of the site..

estetik cerrahi Smoking and penis enlargement surgery..
Watch the video for my warnings about the harmful effects of smoking in penis enlargement surgery.

estetik cerrahi Penile prosthesis and penis enlargement..
Can penis enlargement be performed in patients with penile prosthesis, in patients who have had an erection with a needle for many years and use a vacuum-pump? Watch the video for the problems we encounter in these patient groups..

estetik cerrahi Don't get in trouble with patients.
This video is especially for our young surgeon friends who are new to penis enlargement surgeries. What you should and shouldn't do to avoid getting into trouble with patients. Watch the video, listen to what I say. When do you have to show the patient the door, when do you (at least me) head :-) ? All in this video..

01:25 Explain the limits of the surgery well to the patient
06:05 No guarantee
14:20 Do the surgery properly
21:45 State from the beginning that the oil injection may need to be done a second time
25:10 Beware of buried penis cases
29:00 Choose patients correctly, operate on patients you can communicate with
31:25 Never give control to the patient!
35:50 Do not accept extremely thin patients for surgery. I need oil for surgery!
36:50 Do not accept patients with psychiatric problems.
39:30 Communicate closely with patients (especially after surgery).
44:20 Provide information about possible problems such as retracted penis, invisible ring deformity.
47:10 Be on the lookout for patients who hide their HIV (+) status.
50:15 Be on the lookout for patients who hide their true will. The patient may not tell everything.
52:10 Do not accept patients whose penis length is less than 10 cm in erection for lengthening surgery.
53:55 My most important advice: "DON'T LET THE PATIENT BE CONTROLLED!" Do not deviate from surgical rules, principles and laws. Do not operate on the day of your examination. In this part, I also explained to the patient when to nod and when to snap my whip. Listen. Earrings for your ears..

Two of my patients kept a diary after surgery. I am sharing a few parts of these two diaries by taking their permission. I shortened the diaries because the articles were too long.

estetik cerrahi first diary (unfortunately only in turkish):

estetik cerrahi From the diary of another patient. This patient of mine had a penis enlargement surgery before and he came to me for a second fat injection due to some melting in the fat tissue. If our former patients need a second fat injection, we do it for a small fee.

estetik cerrahi Day 0 (Surgery day): There is no pain at all, since the bands are very strong, there is not much tilting to the right or left. The only problem is that the seams sting like an insect bite and go away after 2-3 seconds.

estetik cerrahi Day 1: No pain, no need to get support while getting up from the bed. The size of the seams has decreased. Antibiotics were taken.

estetik cerrahi Day 2: It can be worn over loose underwear + basketball shorts. Antibiotics were taken. I even went to the wedding wearing sweatpants, the abundance on the front can be hidden in the photos. No alcohol was taken.

estetik cerrahi Day 3: The 2.5-hour flight was uneventful, buying an emergency exit gate ticket might be helpful to stretch your legs. Since the bands in the bandage have started to loosen slightly, they are now pulling the hairs and this can hurt a little. Since the bands on the coke side started to loosen, the shaft began to lie more to the right and left. It is necessary to pay attention to this.
Note: In the first operation, I shaved 0 hairs in the area and this situation is not good at all, the growing hairs touch the sensitive areas like thorns and it hurts, when you remove the tapes on it, it hurts more because they are close to the root.
In this 2nd operation, instead of cutting the hairs in the operation area completely, I left it short (I cut it 2 days ago, it will be the number 3), this both reduced the stinging like thorns in the operated area, and you can easily remove the bandage by cutting the hair from the loosened places with the help of scissors when removing the bandage.
I took the bandage off when I got off the plane in the evening of the 3rd day. There is no problem, there is a very slight pinkness/bruise due to the cocktail beer lying around. Thin seams are better and less noticeable than thick ones. All seams are closed and traces of blood have dried. I did not knit anything over the seams.
If the first opening shaft was seen too thick, do your object, then the shaft relaxes and stretches slightly and reaches its main image. Wiping with a wet but alcohol-free cloth can temporarily replace the dream. It's normal to have an odor. Don't stick to the leg, just wipe it off and use shabby boxers.

estetik cerrahi Day 4: I went while. I still can't wear pants, tight shorts are not possible either. I wore the black synthetic tracksuit that I went to the wedding the other day. Everything looks alright. At this point, you have to decide whether the shaft will hang towards the right leg or the left leg while wearing the tracksuit. I chose the right leg, a slight bruise started to form on the right side of the shaft (all over). It happened to me in this first operation as well, there is nothing to panic about. After 4-5 hours, I took the shaft to the left leg to balance the situation.
I took a shower at night and there was no problem or burning. At night after the shower, the shaft was yellow and livid in places, but the pain did not bother you. I lay on my back with the air conditioner on for 14 hours.

estetik cerrahi Day 5: I feel flat in the morning, I tried a tight fit, but it seems like it gets tired during the day so I didn't risk it. Continue with the basketball sort. It looks like the fog is starting to come down a little.


estetik cerrahi I'm not going to write about this issue either, watch it directly from the video.. Enjoyable..

estetik cerrahi interesting cases

estetik cerrahi My 4 short memories with celebrities..

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