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estetik cerrahi


estetik cerrahi We always see and examine our patients in the clinic at least one day before the surgery. We don't see you for the first time in the hospital on the morning of the surgery and go into surgery. I need to give you detailed information about the surgery at least 1 day before. Since this interview takes at least 1 hour, you should spare some time for the examination. You must sign the informed consent form required for surgery on the day of the examination. We also receive the payment on the day of the examination.

What should you do?

estetik cerrahi Read the articles on this site, take your time and watch videos. Most of the videos are voiced in Turkish, English, German and French. In the videos section of the site, there are 50 videos, most of which are about penis enlargement surgery. New videos will be added to this section.

estetik cerrahi Read the page about the surgery you are considering. On the pages related to the surgeries, the characteristics of the most suitable patient candidates for the surgeries are written. If you think you are a suitable candidate for surgery, please contact us via oytunmd@gmail.com or +90 533 5690649 (GSM - Whasapp).

estetik cerrahi Please note that we do not accept HIV+ patients.

estetik cerrahi Please note that we do not cooperate with any health tourism company or intermediary website. Messages you write through such intermediary companies will not reach us. The only ways to reach Oytun idil are via oytunmd@gmail.com and +90 533 5690649 (GSM - Whatsapp).

estetik cerrahi In the calendar section of this site, the dates I will be outside of Istanbul are announced. You can see the dates I will be going to congresses, holidays, concerts abroad here. If you are planning to come to Istanbul and have an operation, consider these dates.

estetik cerrahi If you want to see a sample patient photo, you must send an e-mail to oytunmd@gmail.com. I can only send sample patient photos by e-mail.

estetik cerrahi We answer all the questions of our patients while they are writing. During the correspondence, we also discuss whether the patient is a suitable case for surgery. If the patient is suitable for surgery and has decided to have the surgery in our clinic, we determine the day of surgery.

estetik cerrahi When you come for the surgery, you will need to sign the informed consent form prepared for the surgery on the day of the examination. You can download and read the consent form from the forms page.

estetik cerrahi I recommend that you make your own flight ticket and hotel reservation when you come. While writing, we will write to you from which part of Istanbul you need to book your hotel. Before you come, ask what surgery you want to have, how many days you need to stay in Istanbul, and when you can return. Buy your return flight ticket accordingly.

estetik cerrahi On the day you arrive in Istanbul, we will pick you up from the airport with a private vehicle. For this, you need to let us know your name and surname, the flight number of your plane, the landing day and time of the plane and how many people you will be coming.

estetik cerrahi We usually do the examinations in our clinic between 13:00-17:00. We usually do our surgeries in the morning. If your plane lands late in the evening, our driver will drop you off at your hotel that evening. He brings it to our clinic at 13:00 the next day. If your plane lands at noon, our driver will pick you up from the airport and bring you to our right clinic. Therefore, if possible, it would be better if you set the landing time of your flight to Istanbul to be around 10:00-12:00 when buying a flight ticket. Thus, we will do your examination on the day you arrive and perform your surgery the next morning.

estetik cerrahi My advice to patients coming from abroad or from outside the city by plane is to make a one-night reservation from a hotel close to my practice (around Şişli, Nişantaşı, Osmanbey, Mecidiyeköy) and to get their plane tickets in the morning when their plane lands. Thus, your plane lands in Istanbul in the morning and you settle in a hotel in Nişantaşı. I'll see you at the office that afternoon around 13:00-14:00. You stay at the hotel overnight. The next morning, you leave the hotel at 07:00, come to the hospital at 08:00 and go to the hospital. We do your surgery between 09:00 and 10:00 in the morning. The operation takes 1-1.5 hours. After the operation, you will stay in the hospital until 15:00-16:00. You will be discharged around 16:00. If you have bought your return flight ticket between 21:00 and 22:00, you can return to your country / city by plane on the same day. We have been operating these patients with this routine since about 2009. By far the most U.S.A. and we had patients from Japan. We sent these patients on the evening of the surgery without any problems and talked to them via skype 2 days after their return. Our patients had traveled long distances without any problems. Don't be afraid to take a plane ride on the evening of the surgery, you will go very comfortably and you will not have any problems. In this way, it only takes 2 days for you to come to Istanbul and have a penis enlargement surgery. We have been working with this routine since 2009.

estetik cerrahi If your plane lands in the evening, we will examine you at 13:00-14:00 the day after your plane lands, and perform your surgery the next day. In this case, you need to stay in Istanbul for 3 days and make the hotel reservation for 2 nights.

estetik cerrahi On the day you return to your country, our driver will drop you off at the airport.

Write down the questions you will ask while coming to the examination on the questionnaire and take the form with you.

estetik cerrahi If you still have questions to ask while coming to the examination, I recommend that you take note of them. You forget the questions you didn't take notes.

estetik cerrahi My advice to you is to download and print the questions form on the forms page. In this form, we wrote down the questions you should ask your doctor (about any surgery). If you have other questions that come to your mind, you can write them down on the form. Thus, you will not forget the questions you will ask when you go to the doctor for examination.

After surgery..

estetik cerrahi We tell our patients what they should do after the surgery on the first day (in the practice). You do not need to have stitches removed after returning to your country, as all stitches are sewn with dissolving threads. The dressing should not be opened for 3 days (this is necessary so that the seams are boiled so that they are impermeable and germ-free). Since the tip of the penis is exposed, you can easily go to the toilet. After three days you open your dressing in the shower, you do not need to close it again. You can wash the surgical area with soapy water in the shower. Soapy water is already a disinfectant, it won't do any harm. You can also rinse with clear water. After you get out of the shower, dry the operation area so it doesn't stay wet.

estetik cerrahi We prescribe antibiotics and painkillers after the operation. Our patients generally do not take painkillers regularly because they do not have much pain. Antibiotics should be taken 2 times a day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. Antibiotic expires in 5 days.

estetik cerrahi Heavy sports and exercise are prohibited for 1 month. Sexual intercourse is prohibited for the first 3 weeks. Afterwards, some pain may be felt in the first intercourse. This usually goes away after a few times.

estetik cerrahi I hear some clinics recommend massage after this surgery. You should definitely not do massage. In the first 3 weeks, massage, masturbation and sexual intercourse cause melting of the injected fat tissue. After the first 3 weeks, intercourse and masturbation are free.

estetik cerrahi After your surgery, your doctor will give you a "reminder about what you should and shouldn't do after the surgery", "surgery report", "epicrisis form" (exam and surgery summary, where and when the surgery was performed, etc.), "can travel by air". .

estetik cerrahi After our patients return to their countries, we continue to communicate via Whatsapp. With Whatsapp, you can ask instant questions, send photos and consult whenever you want. The whatsapp line I correspond with my patients is my (Op. Dr. Oytun İdil) mobile phone (+90 5335690649). Since the messages come to me instantly, I can reply immediately. Those who want to video call can also video call via whatsapp (only in English and Turkish).. You can write in your own language when sending e-mails and messages..



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