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estetik cerrahi

Circumcision and circumcision errors

estetik cerrahi Many problems can arise with circumcision. Excessive removal of the foreskin, poor stitching of the suture line while the circumcision is performed, and even the circumcision itself...

estetik cerrahi When I say circumcision itself, I mean this. Although circumcision is a religious ritual, it is not necessary; its name is sunnah. However, in reality its main function is to reduce sexual pleasure in men. The main function of the foreskin is to cover the sensitive head of the penis and protect it against external influences; in this way, the glans remains sensitive to the senses. The skin of the glans penis is normally covered with a very sensitive skin. When circumcision is done, this protection does not disappear. The head of the penis becomes open to external factors. Even rubbing against underwear causes changes in the skin of the glans penis. The skin of the head of the penis begins to thicken, the old sensitivity disappears. In one word, it gets calloused. This reduces the sexual pleasure from the glans penis. Some medical books say that "circumcision is the worst thing that can be done to a man".

estetik cerrahi During circumcision, the foreskin can be taken excessively, and it can be thrown incorrectly while suturing. Such problems can be corrected surgically.

estetik cerrahi One of the most serious complications that can occur during circumcision is accidental cutting of the glans penis. If the broken piece cannot be sutured, it can be made from another tissue with the principles of plastic surgery repair, but it will never be like the natural penis head.

estetik cerrahi The most common circumcision error is bridge-shaped skin adhesions due to bad circumcision suture. These bad suture sequelae are usually corrected during penile enlargement surgery.

estetik cerrahi There may also be skin-covered tunnels due to incorrect suturing along the circumcision line. Dirt builds up inside these tiny skin tunnels. These deformities are also corrected by surgery.

Reconstruction of the foreskin

estetik cerrahi In recent years, some circumcised patients have learned that they lost the sensitivity of the glans penis as a result of circumcision, and they want the foreskin to be reconstructed. It is possible. Methods of reconstructing the foreskin have been described in medical publications. However, regenerating the foreskin will not bring back the sensitive, sensitive skin of the glans penis. If the head of the penis is exposed and callused as a result of circumcision in childhood, this situation will no longer return. Therefore, the necessity of this surgery is discussed.

estetik cerrahi The surgery performed to replace the foreskin is to turn the body of the penis upside down like a glove finger and tip over the glans penis. A skin patch taken from the groin is placed on the opened wound. This process is called reverse circumcision. Since it is necessary to make a skin patch, it is a surgery that leaves a significant scar. The color will be different on the skin placed as a patch.

estetik cerrahi There are also methods in which the foreskin is created by lengthening the penile skin. For this, tools that pull and lengthen the penis skin are used. It takes 1.5-2 years to get results with this technique.

estetik cerrahi The most correct thing to do to preserve the sensitivity of the glans penis is not to have circumcision done from the beginning.

estetik cerrahi And they say, write down the benefits of circumcision. No use I know. Do not say about hygiene, for someone who takes a normal shower, it is as easy as cleaning the ears with a cotton swab, cleaning does not cause any problems in terms of hygiene.

estetik cerrahi I DON'T DO IT BECAUSE I DON'T BELIEVE IN THE BENEFIT OF THIS SURGERY AND I FIND IT RISKY.. I mentioned it here because it was asked a lot..

estetik cerrahi Regarding the repair of the foreskin... The video is in Turkish.

If the foreskin is removed too much!!!!

estetik cerrahi The circumcision error that will harm the patient the most is excess skin removal during circumcision. If excess skin is removed during circumcision, part of the penis remains buried inside. In the pediatric patient, this condition impairs the development of the penis. The recessed, short and taut penis cannot develop sufficiently. In patients with such excess skin in circumcision, the penile tissue should be taken out as soon as possible and the missing penile skin should be repaired with a skin patch taken from the leg or groin. In this way, the penis is prevented from being buried inside.

estetik cerrahi This problem bothers the patient for many years and prevents the growth of the penis. Therefore, parents should be vigilant and should immediately consult a plastic surgeon if they notice that excess skin was removed in the child's circumcision.

estetik cerrahi Patients who have been repaired with a skin patch in this way usually apply to us for penis enlargement at an adult age, because the development of the penis can be delayed due to excessive removal of the foreskin as a child. In these patients, the thickening process is very difficult. Since the missing penile skin is repaired with a skin patch, it is adhered to the base; It is not loose like the skin of the penis itself. Therefore, it is very difficult to inject fat under the skin. In these patients, thickening may not be as desired in the first session and a revision surgery may be required in the future.

Adult circumcision...

estetik cerrahi Sometimes adult patients apply for circumcision. Generally, patients who grew up in rural areas and villages and were not circumcised as children became adults and even uncircumcised until middle age. Usually at this age, they want to be circumcised as a result of the insistence of a new partner. Circumcision for these patients has one (and very important) difference from circumcision of children: the penis in adults gets an erection occasionally!

estetik cerrahi If circumcision is performed before starting a drug that impairs the erection, sutures placed on the circumcision line when erection occurs. Therefore, in adult patients, a drug that interrupts erection should be started 1 week before circumcision and should be done after circumcision.

estetik cerrahi Apart from that, adult circumcision is no different from child circumcision.

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