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estetik cerrahi

Correction of testicular sagging: Testicular lifting

estetik cerrahi An extremely sagging problem that makes walking difficult: testicular drooping. This problem can be corrected with a simple surgery. Information video about this surgery..

estetik cerrahi One of the things that affect the life comfort of men in advanced age the worst is the sagging of the testicles. Sagging testicles make walking difficult, getting stuck between two legs while walking, causing pain.

estetik cerrahi The procedure performed in these patients is to remove a large part of the scrotum (ovary) skin with a zigzag incision, fold the scrotum muscle layer upwards, and sew the incision on the skin duly.

estetik cerrahi The scrotum, which includes the testicles, shortens upward, taking the testicles up.

estetik cerrahi After the operation, the patient is very comfortable, his walking becomes easier, his testicles do not get stuck between the two legs while walking.

estetik cerrahi The operation is a short operation, it is performed under general anesthesia.

estetik cerrahi With this surgery, any function of the testicles (hormone production, sperm production) is not interrupted. It does not cause infertility.

estetik cerrahi For patients who have had this surgery, it is written exactly as follows in the books: "Patients often express their satisfaction when they come for control, and thank their doctor many times". It's a really interesting event. I was very surprised when I experienced the same in the clinic. In general, these patients say thank you many times when they come for the control and say God bless you. I think this is because after the surgery, their daily life and walking becomes easier. Surgery is a surgery that really increases the patient's life comfort.

estetik cerrahi Let me share an interesting note. A quick note about the famous movie star Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman, who will play an old man in a movie, consults his acting coach and gets ideas. How a very old person sits, gets up, talks, they give him ideas on these issues. Acting coach, Morgan Freeman, says: "Walk as if you had crystal glasses on a string between your legs. Pretend you're trying to walk without breaking the glasses." I think this suggestion expresses the distress caused by sagging testicles very well. When the testicles sag, they get stuck between the two legs, making it difficult to walk, making it impossible to wear loose clothing. That's why lifting the testicles up is an extremely relaxing operation.

estetik cerrahi In general, we perform the surgery the next morning of the day the patient comes for the examination. These are surgeries that take about 1 hour. The surgery is performed with general anesthesia. The patient is discharged after he/she eats his/her meal at approximately 16:00 when he/she comes out of narcosis. So, it only takes 2 days with examination and surgery. The patient should not take a shower for 3 days after discharge and should not open the dressing. After the seams have boiled enough to be waterproof, that is, on the third day, the patient can undress and take a shower. There is no need for re-dressing. Stitches dissolve on their own in about 3 weeks and do not need to be removed.

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