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estetik cerrahi

Testicular sagging: It's a very annoying situation that comes with elder age:

estetik cerrahi This is one of the problems that is literally called "the one who has not lived, may not understand". As the age progresses, a problem arises that male patients cannot express much, but affects their entire lives; sagging in the testicles!.. Many patients don't even know that this is a problem that can be corrected. As the skin and muscle tissue of the testicles loosen due to advanced age, it no longer keep the testicles up as before; it starts to sag. The sagging testicles sag between two legs, making it difficult for the patient to walk because the sagging testicles squeeze between two legs. Walking like this is very annoying. The testicles often squeezed between two legs cause pain. This can be corrected with a short and trouble-free surgery.

estetik cerrahi The famous Hollywood movie star Morgan Freeman says in an interview: "When I act to be an old man, they advised me to think of my testicles between my legs as two glass spheres. So without breaking these glass spheres, you try to walk with both legs apart and slowly. Watch out, old men walk like this .. " This walk Morgan Freeman described is precisely the result of this sagging in the testicles. Walking disrupts and slows down due to the testicles squeezed between the two legs while walking. In fact, there is a very simple surgery that corrects this situation. Since it is made from the back of the testicles, there remains an invisible suture scar when standing normally. What is done during surgery is to fold and shorten the muscle tissue surrounding the testicles upwards and remove a piece from the elongated and enlarged testicular skin and take the testicles upwards. This surgery increases the quality of life of the patients so much that they express their satisfaction many times when they come to the control. Surgery is performed with general anesthesia, but it is a very short surgery. There is no need to stay overnight. No dressing is applied, a closing spray is sprayed on the suture line. Since the sutures are dissolving sutures, they fall by themselves within approximately 2-3 weeks.

estetik cerrahi Unfortunately, although this surgery is actually a very old surgery, it has not been performed by surgeons in our country. Many patients do not know that this situation can be corrected. My hope is that both patients and surgeons are informed about this surgery and and that this surgery to be performed more widely in our country...

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