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estetik cerrahi

Testis implants

estetik cerrahi The testis may not be congenital, it may be lost as a result of an accident, or it may have been removed during childhood. In boys, sometimes the testicles (one or both) may not have descended from birth. In this way, the testicles remaining in the inguinal canal are usually removed at childhood. The reason for this is that the testicles remaining in the inguinal canal lead to cancer in later ages. Therefore, testicles that have not descended into place are surgically removed at an early age.

estetik cerrahi If one testicle is removed, the other testicle, which is usually intact, is sufficient for hormone metabolism and the patient does not need to take hormones from the outside (an intact testis secretes enough male hormone). If both testicles have been removed, the patient may need hormone replacement (external hormone intake).

estetik cerrahi Completing the missing testis with a testicular prosthesis is only a visual, aesthetic surgery. Placed testicular prostheses are made of silicone. When we put testicular implants, we ask two things from companies: "Testicular implant sizer samples" and a few possible sizes of "implants" we will use. Sizer samples are actually examples of full-size testis implants, strung on a string like a rosary. We compare these implant samples of different sizes with the patient's intact testis and determine the appropriate size. Then we select and surgically place the permanent implant of the appropriate volume.

estetik cerrahi Urologists or general surgeons usually place these implants in the groin, that is, from above. In this case, a visible scar is left in the groin. However, these patients apply to us for the replacement of the missing testis and for it not to be noticed.

estetik cerrahi These patients usually arrive some time before the wedding. My advice to patients is to come at least 1 month before the wedding. Thus, the stitches will heal and fall off and there will be no "evidence" left behind. The patients want the missing testis to be replaced in an incomprehensible way and the bride-to-be not to notice it. In fact, this request is not much different from women having their hymen sewn before the wedding. The important thing here is to replace the missing testis and leave no visible scar. Since we place the implants at the marked place with X in the above drawing, there is no visible scar.

estetik cerrahi Information video about the surgery to complete the missing testicle that is not congenital or removed with a silicone testis implant.

Teknik detay estetik cerrahi We do this surgery with general anesthesia. We place the implant from the lowest part of the testicles, close to between the two legs, so that the stitch scar is not noticed. Even when the patient is naked, no suture marks are visible. To see the suture scar, it is necessary to lay the patient down, open his legs and look at his crotch. In the surgery, the layers of the scrotum (ovaries containing the testicles) are passed one by one and the implant is placed in the innermost space; All layers of the scrotum are sewn one by one. A thin incision of 4-5 stitches remains on the skin.

estetik cerrahi After the operation, the patient removes the dressing on the testicles 3 days later, takes a shower. There is no need to repeat the dressing after showering. The seam line should not be left wet after getting out of the shower, but should be thoroughly dried.

estetik cerrahi Since the testicles are well-blooded organs, the dressing is usually slightly soiled on the day of surgery. Some blood will leak from the suture line. Therefore, my recommendation is that the patient should come for a check-up within 1-2 days after the operation and the dressing should be renewed. Bleeding does not continue afterwards.

estetik cerrahi There is no need to remove the sutures as the sutures are placed with self-dissolving threads in the surgery. The stitches fall off on their own in about 2-3 weeks.

estetik cerrahi It is an extremely pleasing, scarless surgery. It does not require any revision in the future.

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