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estetik cerrahi


estetik cerrahi I wrote this article for "patients with complaints such as 'it's swollen here, there is a bruise here..' less than 1 week after the surgery" and "patients who have a problem that requires revision 3 months after the surgery, but who have to wait for the 6th month for revision but can't wait" I'm writing for ..

estetik cerrahi There have been so many revision cases recently that I can't tell. There must be a reason for this. If you look at Instagram, every surgeon performs excellent surgeries, the patients are happy. Well then, where do these revision patients come from? I'll tell you. Again from Instagram.. We ask patients where they found their surgeons. Answer: "From Instagram.. He shared photos of many of his patients.." Please research the subject you are considering to have surgery thoroughly. Search for experienced, competent surgeons. Do you know how it actually happens? Patients jump headlong into the doctors they see on Instagram and google ads, and when they have problems, only then do they research properly. He also says to the doctor he applied for revision, "I didn't know about you, you don't appear on Instagram or Google". Aside from the competence of the surgeon, they perform the operation without even investigating the risks of the operation. Then when they have problems, that's when they do the real research. What do I mean? SEARCH well first, GET INFORMED... This is the main idea of the first part of the article.. FIRST SEARCH WELL, GET INFORMED.. JUST LOOKING AT THE PHOTOS ON INSTAGRAM IS NOT RESEARCH!. Do the research you will do after you have a problem, without having any problems.


estetik cerrahi By the way, yes, I also have patients who need revision. I'm not one of those doctors you see on Instagram, who have a lot of surgeries every day, every surgery is perfect, always smiling (I'm not that sweet), patients are flying with happiness. I don't know where such super successful doctors, such happy patients live, but in the world I live in, things don't work like a fairy tale. I am doing the surgery, there is edema in the place where I operated, it takes a while for the stitches to heal. It is not enough to just boil the stitches, the edema in that area needs to go away, and the hardness due to the healing in the stitches should soften; These also take months. In fact, sometimes there are complications and I need to make revisions in the future!.. and let me tell you a secret: "It takes a while to make a revision. At least 6 months!" It is not possible to make a revision just like that. I follow the doctors on Instagram with envy.. Zero complications, zero revisions.. Fully satisfied patient!.. Incredible..

estetik cerrahi Patients usually want 3 things:

estetik cerrahi 1 - Make the operation as cheap as possible

estetik cerrahi 2 - Let's get the result of the surgery right away. If possible, let's see the result immediately at the end of the first week..

estetik cerrahi 3 - Let the result of the surgery be permanent, let it stay like that for life.

estetik cerrahi Face-to-face satisfaction guaranteed!

estetik cerrahi I don't know the world of Instagram. I don't live there. In the world I live in, surgeries have a cost, a healing process, and the possibility of complications. Patients say, "I want this, this, that surgery. While it's been done, this should be done, this should also be done." Before the cost, it is unclear whether all of these surgeries can be performed in the same session, for one thing! Recently, a patient of mine sent me an e-mail saying "A series of surgeries". He has a lot of requests. He wrote at length. Towards the end of the e-mail, he talked about his heart problems and wrote that he had a bypass surgery in a year or so. For one thing, it is clear that not all of the surgeries requested by this patient can be performed in a single session. He should bring a letter from the cardiologist saying "surgery can be done" for these or those surgeries. On the other hand, when you subtract the cost of the surgeries he counts, "Oh!" they usually say (I'm not saying this is specific to this patient, I'm saying that the surgeries are requested one after the other without considering the cost and health status in general). Even reputation will be saved, but there will be no savings in health, the health expenses required for your surgery. First of all, think about whether your health condition is suitable for these surgeries, and then whether your budget is sufficient.

estetik cerrahi THINK!..

estetik cerrahi As for the immediate result of the surgery.. This is the issue that I have the most trouble with.. Patients want immediate results. The record in this regard is in one of my patients with 2 days. The 2nd day after the operation.. The dressing has not been opened yet.. He sent me a message, purple here, swollen here, why? I wrote back: "Did you open the dressing? If the dressing is still, how did you see that it is swollen and purple? Len, it's only been 2 days!!" my patient has not opened his dressing yet, but he saw the swelling under the dressing with his x-ray eyes and talks about it. I think some of my patients are from Krypton, a relative of Superman.

estetik cerrahi There are also people who say that they have pain here and there 2 days after the surgery. And I say "you had the surgery, it may be because of it". There is painkiller in the prescription I wrote, so I say I wrote it.. I say use your medication.. Could it be an infection? I can't be! There is no infection 2 days after the operation. Even if the wound is infected, it takes a few days for the microbes to reproduce. This period is more than 2 days.

estetik cerrahi We communicate with distant patients via whatsapp. If you have a question for me, I say, be sure to take a photo. Unfortunately, the vast majority of patients write long descriptions.. They can't think of sending a photo. In fact, I say this to everyone; I say take a photo. But most of them can't think of taking pictures..

estetik cerrahi Do not get it wrong. I'm not saying that patients shouldn't call their doctor. Of course you should call your doctor when you have a problem. I have been writing for a long time; so that you can definitely get your doctor's cell phone without surgery. You should call your surgeon whenever you have the slightest problem. The problem here is that the doctor is called without thinking, completely unnecessary. When I say unnecessary, I mean: It is normal to have bruising and swelling in that area 3-4 days after the surgery. Unfortunately, the patients are waiting for a complete recovery before the dressing has just been opened and it has not been a week since the operation. No Such Thing..

estetik cerrahi There is also the permanence of the result of the surgery. Friends, man is not a fixed, unchanging being. For example, female patients often ask, "Will there be sagging of the breasts with the weight of the implants when breast augmentation is performed with a breast prosthesis?" And I say, "Even if you don't have breast augmentation surgery, your breasts will probably sag as you get older; this has nothing to do with implants." Breast prostheses are not that heavy. The sagging of the breasts occurs with the effect of the past years and the effect of gravity. "Identity card wears out" so to speak, so the results of the surgeries usually don't stay the same for life, except for a few. Let me give an example of surgeries whose results remain the same throughout life; Removal of tonsils (tonsils do not occur again), amputation of legs due to diabetes or vascular diseases (no re-growth of cut legs).

estetik cerrahi Please think a little bit.. We talked about RESEARCH BEFORE THE SURGERY, we talked about THINKING.. Now let's come to the "PATIENCE" part...

estetik cerrahi Unfortunately, my surgeries don't take their final form just because they get better the next day. A "HEALING PROCESS" is required. During this period, you need to be "PATIENT". Don't be fooled by ridiculous promises such as "Surgery in 15 minutes at noon!" A recovery period awaits you after the surgery. Some very obvious effects of the surgery go away in 1-2, sometimes 3 weeks. Edema, redness, stitches etc. that occur in the first stage after the surgery. It is too early to talk about swellings, asymmetries and traces of stitches. Speaking of ready stitches, let me also touch on the "scar" issue. What you call a scar is the residue of the healing in the place where the stitches were made. In other words, the suture line will heal first, leaving a residue behind while the healing is completed; That's what we call "trace". It takes at least 6 months or even 1-2 years for a suture line to turn into a scar. So don't whine about "the scar is too bad" 2 weeks after your surgery. There is no scar yet, because there is a suture line. Edema is another problem. The patient lies to the right at night, edema fluid accumulates on the right side. When he wakes up in the morning, the patient panics, saying, "Oh, the surgical site is asymmetrical." The patient tells me that "the fat injection has become asymmetrical", only 2 weeks have passed since the operation. You think we performed surgery on a 3 meter area, but some areas escaped our notice. Well, could such a thing happen? "Forget about injecting fat into a 10-12 cm tissue, let it escape my eye?" The accumulation of edema misleads the patients, it hurts until we tell.

estetik cerrahi There is also the following situation in penis enlargement surgeries: After each surgery, the operated area is kept high (to reduce edema and swelling). For example, if the patient has had surgery on his hand, his hand is held high and hung on his neck. If the patient has had an operation on his face, he will lie down as if he is sitting slightly so that his face is high and the edema is less. In order for the penis to be high, the patient has to do a handstand! Not possible. In other words, there is edema in the penis after penile surgeries!. I also understand patients, they panic when they see their penis swollen (important organ!). I explain the situation, but it is very difficult to explain to some.

estetik cerrahi There will be a recovery period after the surgery, okay, but what if there is a complication that requires revision!.. That's why "no surgery can be guaranteed". In this life we live, there is a phenomenon called "complication" and there is no "guarantee" where there is a complication. Unfortunately, revision surgeries cannot be done right away. Healing at the surgical site should be completed. As the tissues heal, that area hardens and an inflammation occurs. This hardening makes it difficult to intervene in the same area again in a short time. If you try to do the revision right away, the desired result may not be obtained, and even the stitches may not hold. Therefore, the healing should end and the hardening in the tissues should soften. This means (hold tight) a period of at least 6 months. In other words, at least 6 months must pass after the first operation so that revision can be made. In fact, more important than 6 months pass is that the operation area has softened. If 6 months have passed after the operation but the operation area is still hard, it should be waited longer. The most important criterion is softening of the surgical site. Unfortunately, some patients who need revision surgery go crazy during this time. DON'T GO CRAZY! This elapsed time is essential for obtaining the desired result from revision surgery. Making a revision before will result in the inability to make the desired correction in the revision. So DO NOT go crazy and DO NOT PRESS YOUR DOCTOR TO DO THE REVISION SURGERY IMMEDIATELY..

estetik cerrahi The post is a bit messy, I know, but I guess I could explain what I meant..

estetik cerrahi Best of all, let me tell you a fun bonus moment and end the article here..

estetik cerrahi What I'm about to tell you is completely true. There is no exaggeration. Our teacher, whom I mentioned in the article, is also a witness. Thankfully, one of our professors working in a distant city directed me to a case of hypospadias that he had operated on before. The patient is a hypospadias patient, that is, a congenital urethra that opens to the underside of the penis. He had surgery and the urethra was brought to where it should have been, on the tip of the penis. This patient is now grown and wants penile enlargement surgery. Our teacher sent the patient to me. He called me and gave information about the patient. The patient did not come for examination that week. A few days later, our teacher called and said, "My boy, you saw the patient, what do you think, will he benefit from the surgery?" asked. I said, "Brother, that patient did not come to me. I don't remember at all." I don't remember at all. Am I done with it? I love this dude so much. If I saw the patient he sent, I would definitely remember; but he insists that you saw the patient and examined him. I swear, "I think I have Alzheimer's," I thought to myself. His father answered the phone. I asked when you came to me, did I really examine you? The answer I got is (I swear it's true): "Hodja, we came to Istanbul. We went to the office address we had. We said that we wanted to see Dr. Oytun. They took us in, they made us talk to the doctor, we were examined. Our teacher talked about what could be done. After leaving there, we realized that we went to another doctor. We got the names and addresses of a few doctors on the way to Istanbul, we saw another doctor. The patient does not yet know who he is going to. Later, they called our teacher who sent the patient to me and said, "We were examined," but they did not say that they went to the wrong doctor because they were embarrassed. The interesting thing is that in the practice they went to, no one disturbed the situation. Although the patient asked me, they said "OK, this is here" and took the patient to the doctor's room for examination. This is probably one of the strangest memories of my professional life. I called our brother who sent the patient to me, I explained the situation, he could not believe it. It's a really weird situation.

estetik cerrahi Please be aware, be vigilant.

estetik cerrahi Don't be fooled by the shiny ads on Instagram.

estetik cerrahi Looking at patient photos on Instagram is not research.

estetik cerrahi Research surgery and surgeons like a man.

estetik cerrahi Make sure that the surgeon you will be operated on gives you accurate and complete information about the operation (especially about possible complications). Make sure the surgeon is experienced in that field.

estetik cerrahi Be brave on the day of surgery. If you are afraid, it is only because there are questions in your mind that you cannot find answers to. Your surgeon should be able to adequately answer all your questions.

estetik cerrahi Be patient after surgery. The recovery period is not a process of a few days. It takes at least 6 months. For example, in rhinoplasty, this period is at least 1 year!

estetik cerrahi Every surgery has the potential for complications. So don't ask for "guarantee" from your doctor. Unfortunately, even though we tell patients that there are no guarantees in medicine, patients look us in the eye and expect us to lie. If he doesn't get the word "guarantee", "It won't be a problem, right?" he is trying to get the guarantee indirectly.


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