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estetik cerrahi

Great demand for penile enlargement surgeries

estetik cerrahi Penis smallness is a subject that most men suffer from and feel inadequate. Men who know that there is a solution to this get a place in no time flat of plastic surgeons.

estetik cerrahi Plastic Surgery Specialist Surgeon Oytun İdil who has performed penis enlargement and thickening surgeries for many years says that there are many domestic and foreign demands in this area. We ask important questions about penile enlargement and thickening surgery to Mr. Idil for you.

estetik cerrahi How much enlargement: is recorded on average in penile enlargement surgery?

estetik cerrahi In fact, elongation is not much, a maximum elongation of 2-3 cm is achieved, but when performed with thickening, there is a really visible difference. Elongation and thickening must be done together. Result is permanent. At least 95% of patients who apply for penile enlargement are married men over 40 years of age and have at least 2 children. I recommend sexual abstinence to the patients for 3 weeks after the operation.

estetik cerrahi How long does the penis enlargement surgery take, is it a painful procedure? Can you explain the technique you used in the penis enlargement surgery?

estetik cerrahi Surgery will be over in an hour and a half. There is no pain after the surgery, the patients are very comfortable. Since the sutures are dissolving and there are very short sutures, the patient may be discharged in the afternoon on the day of surgery and return to his/her home by airway in the evening. I do the classic method that's been in the books for many years. For elongation, we release 75% of the suspended ligament of the penis so that the penis tissue attached to the pelvis slides outward.

estetik cerrahi Thus elongation happens. We provide thickening around the penis with fat tissue extracted from the abdomen. Penile enlargement surgery is usually understood in two ways. Depending on the elongation, there will be a Y-shaped, 3-4 cm suture mark on the bottom-dorsum of the penis.

estetik cerrahi Can anyone have penile thickening surgery? How many times can penile enlargement surgery be performed? Do the techniques you apply have side effects (complications) in terms of health?

estetik cerrahi Anyone over the age of 18 can have these surgeries, but as I said, most patients over the age of 40 have these surgeries. Since the satisfaction rate is very high in these surgeries, there are patients who come for thickening for the 2nd and 3rd time. They always want it thicker. After the third time, I don't accept patients anymore, even if they want to. Everything must be done logically. This surgery is now a steady surgery and has no side effects. It does not cause infertility, affect libido, impair sensation, affect erection.

estetik cerrahi For what penis surgical procedures do they apply to you most in Turkey?

estetik cerrahi Penile enlargement is most commonly requested. I've been doing this surgery for9-10 years, but demand has grown like a topsy in the last 2-3 years. That's why I gave up nose jobs.

estetik cerrahi Are there people who bring you their husbands for thickening and elongation surgery?

estetik cerrahi If I told you what I witnessed about these surgeries, it would be a TV show. There were mistresses as well as wives who brought me their men, but mostly men come by themselves. Women are actually very cruel, and they can tell a man directly that his penis is small. A man who has had such an experience knocks on our door as soon as he becomes aware of these surgeries.

estetik cerrahiDr. Oytun İdil (Plastic and recontructive surgeon)
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