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estetik cerrahi

How long does a penis grow with surgery?

estetik cerrahi One of the most in demand aesthetics lately is penis aesthetics! We asked 6 things that is actually wrong but known as true by men regarding penis aesthetic to Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Surgeon Dr. Oytun İdil.

estetik cerrahi 1-Does penis aesthetics cause erection problems?

estetik cerrahi This is highly asked. Penis enlargement is done for a better sex life. Would this surgery be performed if it had caused an erection problem? Problems like this do not reduce sexual desire or cause infertility. On the contrary, one's sexual desire may increase because it increases one's self-confidence. If the patient has premature ejaculation, it will effect it. Penile enlargement is a physical surgery, not a functional one. It has no effect on function.

estetik cerrahi 2-Does penis aesthetics cause sexual reluctance in men? Is there a limit to penis thickening operations?

estetik cerrahi I do not recommend excessive fat injection. Over the years, we have now identified a reasonable amount, and it varies slightly from person to person, with an average of 40-50 cc.

estetik cerrahi 3-How long does a penis enlarge after surgery?

estetik cerrahi The length of the penis does not exceed 2-3 centimeters because it is not actually an elongation performed during surgery; it is to slide the remaining penis tissue out. 2Normally, a third of the penis is in inside. We slide the rest of the inside out.

estetik cerrahi 4-Is it possible to have sexual intercourse immediately after penis aesthetic operations?

estetik cerrahi You shouldn't have intercourse for 3 weeks after penile surgery.

estetik cerrahi 5- Is penis aesthetics a painful procedure?

estetik cerrahi Surgery is surprisingly painless. I discharge patients I operate on in the morning and allow them to drive in the afternoon. I even have a lot of patients who fly out of the country in the evening.

estetik cerrahi 6-Can penile enlargement only be performed with surgery?

estetik cerrahi Unfortunately, there is no other way.

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