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estetik cerrahi

Facts about penile enlargement surgery...

estetik cerrahi Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about these surgeries. Patients are misinformed, they misunderstand things; even worse, even our colleagues know some things wrong. I am writing this article because I have decided that I need to briefly compile this subject and correct the mistakes. First, I'm going to talk briefly about penile enlargement surgery, then I'm going to write down the truth of the misunderstandings on this subject, one by one.

estetik cerrahi There are 3 main procedures performed in penile enlargement surgery:

estetik cerrahi 1) The body of the penis is released from the pelvis where it is adhered to and shifted out 2-3 centimeters. For this, the "suspensory ligament tissue" that adheres the penis to the pelvis is cut. In classical technique, this ligament is cut 100%; this is the original description of the surgery. With the modification we have made in recent years, we cut this ligament by 80%. This is because cutting the lower 20% of the ligament does not contribute to the elongation. That's why we cut this elongation 80%, not 100% like before.

estetik cerrahi 2) We press the tissues around the penis to the base as much as possible. If fat builds up around the penis, this excess fat can make the penis look small, even buried. This fat tissue extracted by liposuction. When the peripheral tissue of the penis is taken downside and the penis body is released from the bone and taken out, there will be real elongation.

estetik cerrahi 3) Thickening is achieved around the penis by injecting fat tissue extracted from the abdomen.

estetik cerrahi There are so many misconceptions about these surgeries, it was necessary to correct them collectively. I'm writing here one by one for ease of understanding:

estetik cerrahi 1) Penis enlargement surgery is definitely not functional surgery. So it doesn't change any function of the penis. Sensation, erection, hardening, fertility ability, urination function do not change. It does not cause infertility. During penile enlargement, erection may be difficult in some patients only if excessive fat injection is performed for thickening. This is because: In erection, blood is filled into the tissue of the penis. If blood is not filled with good pressure during erection, if hardening is not already very good in erection, excess fat injected around penis for thickening makes it difficult to fill blood in erection by tightly wrapping penis; that is, makes erection difficult. Over the years, we have seen that injecting around 60-70 cc fat at a time can cause this problem and reduced the amount. The safe amount we've identified is 45-50 cc. We found that injecting fat in this volume did not cause erectile dysfunction in any patient. Apart from this exception, penile enlargement surgeries do not cause a change in the function of the penis.

estetik cerrahi 2) Patients always say don't let perfect be the enemy of good.. Penile enlargement surgery, as the name implies is surgery, and like any surgery, there are some risks. Moreover, the genital area is considered to be one of the dirtiest areas of the body. I mean, there's a chance of infection, of course. After all, no one can guarantee that these surgeries will definitely end without any problems. However, if the question is whether there will be a loss of function in the penis by cutting the suspensory ligament performed during surgery or fat injection, there is absolutely no such thing. We can simply say: no procedure is performed on the tissue of the penis in this surgery; the applications are performed entirely “periphery" the penis. It is the injection of fat into the subcutaneous part of the penis and the cutting of the suspensory ligament at dorsum the penis that adheres the penis to the bone. In fact, no procedure is performed on the body tissue, nerves, veins of the penis. Therefore, penile enlargement surgeries are extremely safe surgeries.

estetik cerrahi 3) Recently a patient came. He went to another doctor before and that doctor examined the patient and said: "Your penis size is normal. You don't need surgery. These surgeries are already performed on small penis size patients ".. COMPLETELY WRONG! Every word of it! A doctor who says that doesn't know anything about these surgeries and has never done it! The truth is this: patients do not usually come to the doctor to have this surgery as "My penis is small, I want to enlarge it"; they come to the doctor as "I want to enlarge my penis even more". I mean, it's ridiculous to tell the patient, "Penile size is sufficient, no surgery is required." The patient already knows that the penis size is normal; he comes to enlarge it further. Doctors who don't understand these patients approach the patient completely wrong. The second mistake is the fact that these surgeries are performed primarily on patients with small penises. THIS WRONG ALSO! In penile enlargement surgery, the remaining part of the penis is shifted out. So the enlargement process is completely proportional to the penis's size. The smaller the penis is, the less elongation will be or the bigger the penis is, the more elongation will be. Surgery is not very successful in patients with small penises. For example, I do not perform this surgery on patients with micropenises, I do not recommend it. A doctor who says, "These surgeries are already performed on small penis size patients" does not know these surgeries at all. Unfortunately, our colleagues who have never performed these surgeries mislead the patients.

estetik cerrahi 4) Does the injected fat remain for life for thickening? Patients are usually wrong about that. They are surprised when it is said that the injected fat will lose some volume after a while and will not last a lifetime. First of all, I have to say that no surgery is lifetime (except for tonsils that are removed... They will not regrow ; -). In penis thickening, injected fat doesn't last a lifetime. There are 5-6 years old cases in which fat persists to a large extent. This time varies from person to person, as fat presence depends entirely on the body of the person. If the mass of the fat we inject has decreased, you can have another session of fat injection.

estetik cerrahi 5) Many patients think that there will be elongation of the penis only if excessive fat accumulated around the penis is extracted. Now I know that the patients who come with this will actually want to have penis elongation, and I tell every patient that just extraction of fat won't cause penis to elongate. There will be no elongation of the penis unless the suspended ligament of the penis is literally cut. It is necessary to explain that extracting fat from the penis periphery only will not be enough for elongation so patients will not be disappointed after surgery.

estetik cerrahi If patients know the limits of these surgeries, how much enlargement can be achieved in the penis, they will be satisfied with the result of the surgery. Patients who do not have realistic information about the surgery and who have fantastic expectations (such as the expectation of an elongation of 5-10 cm) will not be satisfied. We have to be realistic ..

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