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estetik cerrahi

2-Penile enlargement problem!

estetik cerrahi Please read the first part of the article before reading this article.

estetik cerrahi There are a few reasons why elongation is causing so much confusion.

estetik cerrahi - Although some surgeons are ignorant about this issue, they have the logic that they will say "I do not know about it" and give false information.

estetik cerrahi - Patients are unnecessarily afraid of cutting the suspensory ligament (cutting a "ligament" frightens the patients as if the patient's arm and leg will be cut..).

estetik cerrahi - Fear that cutting the suspensory ligament may lead to loss of sensation, loss of erection, infertility, etc. Such complications are not possible by cutting the suspensory ligament. A surgeon who knows a little anatomy knows that surgery doesn't cause such complications. If he does not know anatomy, he should not do surgery anyway.

estetik cerrahi - Some colleagues (unfortunately) to abuse these fears of patients. The moment the patient says, "I'm afraid of cutting the suspensory ligament," they "trick" the patient by saying, "Just come, we are doing it without cutting the suspensory ligament"... When I say "tricking", I say the least.. It's a fact: Elongation cannot be made without cutting the suspensory ligament. I explain in detail below.

estetik cerrahi Note what i write. Do not believe what is said other than these, because it is wrong (to say the least).

estetik cerrahi - Penile only elongates with surgical procedures. This is the cutting of the suspensory ligament performed during the surgery. Why do we cut this ligament? Because the penis comes out from under the pelvis, extends a few cm up in front of it, and then comes out. We only see the outer part. If you follow the bottom of the penis with your hand in the event of an erection, you feel it reaching under the pelvis. By cutting the suspensory ligament, you release a few centimeters from the front of the pelvis. When you suture the back of this part"pushing the penis out", you advance the invisible part extending upwards in front of the pelvis to out. The patient benefits from 2-3 centimeters without elongate in this way. I have also seen an elongation of 4-5 cm, but you cannot guarantee this to every patient; if the patient has some characteristics, it happens.

estetik cerrahi As you can see, we're not adding anything to the penis from the outside. We're not cutting through penis tissue and somehow elongate it. In the surgery, we separate the penis tissue (body) from the bone and advance it out as a block without impairing the integrity of the penis. Therefore, there is no elongation without the suspended ligament is cut! no way! No way!.. It's that clear!.. I also have "very skilled" colleagues who promise a 6-cm elongation. Look, at this point, I'm going to tell you something. Maybe this is the first you'll hear of it. A newly specialized specialist does not become an expert by performing enough surgeries. Sometimes he gets his expertise by performing only three or five surgeries of same kind of surgery. When he starts to work in private hospital and patient ask about something that doctor is not enough experienced, he examines the patient and gives the patient the day of surgery by saying “Ok, we will get a good result". But on the day of the surgery, he calls one of his master to help him, and he does it with him on day of the surgery. That's not a bad thing. The training of a surgeon is the training of a master apprentice. If you have no experience, one of your master who can help you will come and help you. Ultimately, a good result is obtained in that surgery and the patient is sent away satisfied. And there are things that can't be done. Guaranteeing to enlarge six cm in the penis, for example. The best, most experienced surgeon in the world couldn't do that if he came to help. Guaranteeing an elongation of 6 cm in the penis is either ignorance or "deceiving" the patient (to say the least). I make presentations on this subject from time to time at congresses, universities. The first thing I say is this: "Success at the end of this surgery means sending the patient satisfied. For this, you must tell the patient the limits of the surgery and what can be done correctly. Don't promise anything that won't happen! "

estetik cerrahi - What I often see is a ridiculous attempt to unnecessarily z-plasty the lower part of the penis for elongation. This is really an incredibly ridiculous procedure. This procedure, which is applied to the lower part of the penis, is actually the treatment of a problem called "penoscrotal web". What is the penoscrotal web? Sometimes there's a curtain-shaped skin leaf between the penis and the testicles, just like on bat wings. This skin leaf, which emerges along the lower edge of the penis while the penis is erect, prevents intercourse. This excess skin is removed by z-plasty (zigzag sutures). With the skin leaf under it gone, the penis appears to be elongated, but put the ruler in and measure it, there will not be even a millimeter elongation. Therefore, this is an "imitation elongation". It will only seem to be elongated to the eye. The procedure already performed is not a real elongation surgery, but the correction of the penoscrotal web. But in our country, it is a procedure performed by those who say, "We are elongating without cutting the suspensory ligament". Even if the patient does not have a penoscrotal web, this intervention is performed. Completely unnecessary...

estetik cerrahi - For the last time: "There will be no elongation until the suspended ligament is cut, the inner part of the penis is shifted out. As how you can not walk out a dog tied to a pole without untying its rope; you cannot slide the penis out without cutting the suspended ligament and achieve a real elongation. "

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