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estetik cerrahi


estetik cerrahi This is a very misunderstood, multi-layered subject. It looks different from where you look at it. Therefore, this issue should be evaluated from different perspectives. Since I have been dealing with this subject intensely, I thought I would write my ideas down item by item.. I will deal with the issue as a question and answer.

estetik cerrahi What is the normal penis size?

estetik cerrahi In general, it is said that the penis length is the highest in black and Latino men, and the average penis length varies in various countries of the world, and it is the smallest in the far eastern yellow race. As an example, let me list the average (in erection) penis lengths found in some scientific studies:

estetik cerrahi Congo: 18.5 cm

estetik cerrahi France: 16 cm

estetik cerrahi Egypt: 15.7 cm

estetik cerrahi Sweden: 14.7 cm

estetik cerrahi Chile: 14.4 cm

estetik cerrahi Türkiye: 13.9 cm

estetik cerrahi Japan: 13.2 cm

estetik cerrahi China: 10.9 cm

estetik cerrahi South Korea: 9.3 cm

estetik cerrahi As you can see, the average penis size varies a lot around the world. The mistake made here is to compare these penis sizes with each other. Which is bigger than what, and which is smaller than what? It is as if there is only one type of woman in the world with the same height and body structure. It is a very big mistake to evaluate men by comparing them with each other in this way. In fact, men should be compared with women of their own race. Let me give an example. Anyone who knows Miami, South beach knows, there are lots of latin and black women in thongs hanging around. These women's hips are incredibly large. We went to Miami on a trip. My friends showed me these women with huge hips and asked if I could get hips like that with a butt implant. I said very difficult. Such is their natural anatomy. There I noticed this; The reason why latin and black men's penis lengths are so long is because of the butt structure of latin and black women... A man's penis needs to be long in order to pass between those big hips and reach the vagina. After all, men and women should be compatible. There is no point in comparing different races when evaluating penis size. Comparing a black man to a Chinese man is utterly meaningless. The breeds of all races are already compatible with each other. The penis size is small in Far Eastern men, because Far Eastern women do not have hips, their body structures are petite. You don't need a long genitalia for sexual intercourse. In other words, it is necessary to evaluate each race in itself as male-female harmony. However, we can talk about the upper and lower lengths that are valid for each country, race in itself. So is a really big penis important for women? Let me ask and answer this as the next question.

estetik cerrahi Is a big penis important for women? In other words, does size or function matter?

estetik cerrahi It is a question that is always asked.. Is it its function or its size? The answer varies for everyone. If you ask me, even asking this question is proof that "greatness" is the answer. For many women, size is not that important. On the other hand, it is a fact that women use the small size of the penis to humiliate men. Many of my patients say that they decided to have penis enlargement surgery after their female partner made a derogatory remark about their penis size. An incident told by one of my patients on this subject, I think, puts an end to these discussions. This patient of mine is dating an escort woman. He asks this woman, "You must have known a lot of men. Do you think my penis size is enough?" I think the answer of the woman is legendary: "Your penis size is enough. You get married, have a child, and satisfy your spouse... But there is also the saturation of the eye..." This answer shows: A penis size that is deep in the vagina (ie 9-10 cm). physically enough. The person can satisfy his wife and have children. But there is also the psychological effect of penis size. From this point of view, a larger penis seems more acceptable. So how big should it be? Let me answer this as the question of the next paragraph.

estetik cerrahi How big should the penis be?

estetik cerrahi There are "normal" size ranges for each breed, with their own upper and lower limits. For example, normal limits between 10-18 cm are accepted for our country. According to my clinical experience, I can say that the penis length is in the range of 12-15 cm in the vast majority of patients who apply to us. It is desirable to be close to the upper point, within these limits. Some patients want exaggerated results in penis enlargement surgery. At this point, we can ask: Is it a good thing to have a large penis "over the normal range"? Let's move on to the next paragraph for the answer.

estetik cerrahi Is bigger always better?

estetik cerrahi Definitely not!. The size is good if it is within the "normal range". An oversized penis can cause unimaginable problems. Let me explain with an example.. One of my patients contacted me by phone. His complaint is: "I cannot be comfortable in any position with my wife." I did not understand anything from this. He always said vague things, even though he tried to explain. I also asked him to take a photo of the erection. I thought maybe I would have an idea if I saw the penis in an erection. The patient took a photo and I immediately understood the problem. In the photo sent by my patient, it was seen that the penis length was at least 20 cm in erection. The problem was that the penis length was too much. Since the penis could not fit into the vagina completely during intercourse, it remained like a bridge between him and his wife and prevented them from getting close. This case is a very good example. Too big of a penis is also a serious problem. An excessively thick penis makes sexual intercourse a torture for a woman. So what can be done for very small (micropenis) cases? Penile enlargement surgery is not a solution in these patients, because surgical lengthening cannot be achieved in penises below 7-8 cm. Although surgery is not the solution, a different solution can be tried for these patients. Let's move on to the next paragraph.

estetik cerrahi A solution for cases with micropenis..

estetik cerrahi Surgery is often unsuccessful in cases with micropenis. Since the surgical procedure is to cut the suspensory ligament and slide the inner part of the penis out, if the penis is too small, elongation cannot be achieved because there is not much tissue to slide it out. It is necessary to find a different solution for these patients. As you know, the penis size of Far Eastern men is below the world average; because the body types of far eastern women are suitable for it. Because Far Eastern women are petite, they may be suitable mates for men with myropenia. Marriage isn't just about sexual compatibility, of course, but when you look at it from this perspective, a man with a micropenis can live a sexually happy life with a Far Eastern woman. I think it is a satisfying solution for men with micropenis.

estetik cerrahi Conclusion: There is a "normal" penis size for each race (black, latin, white, yellow race...). Different breeds should not be compared with each other. The important thing is the harmony between men and women. Race differences can sometimes be advantageous (a white male with micropenis and a Far Eastern woman can be a compatible couple). There are certain "normal upper and lower" limits for each race, and within these normal limits, penis length is considered acceptable at the upper limit. An excessively large penis can cause problems as serious as a very small penis (micropenis).

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