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estetik cerrahi

Who should undergo this surgery?

estetik cerrahi There are so many misunderstandings about penile enlargement surgery, I don't know which to write. I think the first question that needs to be answered is "Who should undergo this surgery?" .. In general, these misunderstandings are caused by the terms used. For example, neither the famous "suspensory ligament” that we cut during the elongation does actually hang the penis, nor penile enlargement surgery actually a "small penile enlargement surgery!". The name of the surgery leads to huge misunderstandings. What we actually do while doing elongationin the penile enlargement surgery is to slide out the invisible part of the penis in front of the pelvis, which protrudes from the bottom to up. So we're actually using "the stuff we have." No external parts are inserted into the penis. Therefore, we can say this as a rule: "The larger the size of the penis itself, the larger the elongation obtained during surgery". That is, the enlargement that can be achieved during surgery is proportional to the size of the penis itself. The smaller, the less enlargement. As you can see, this surgery isn't actually a "small penild enlargement surgery"! It is an operation to "enlarge normal and big sized penis even bigger" !.

estetik cerrahi Let me tell you an interesting memory about how this surgery was misunderstood. An event that happened a month ago. I attended a genital aesthetic congress (I was the only plastic surgeon in the congress!) after a urologist made a presentation, a urologist (professor) began to speak and said: "I don't think this surgery will allow the penis to enlarge. It is an illusion, though. And why is this surgery performed on normal penis-sized people; it should be performed on people who need to enlarge their penises! " Where should I fix? Everything he said was wrong. At the end of the surgery, visible elongation occurs without the need to measure with a ruler, as long as the patient's penis is at least 9-10 cm in erection and the suspensory ligament is cut properly during the elongation. You can easily notice the elongation. Unfortunately, surgeons who don't know the nature of this surgery, who don't have a lot of experience, can think like this urology professor and operate on short penis sizes, thinking that surgery will enlarge small penises. Especially if they don't cut the suspensory ligament: so that the penis doesn't get low, there will be no elongation(Note: even if the suspended ligament is completely cut, there will be no lowness of the penis; let me note this..). It's useless to try to elongate it for people with short penises without cutting the suspensory ligament. Because of such sisyphean challenge, there are misconceptions that "surgery will not enlarge the penis".

estetik cerrahi Black patients from abroad visit our clinic from time to time. Due to the racial characteristics of these patients, penis size is quite good. The first patient I operated on from these patients was a different experience for me. The penis size of the patient was normally 18to 20 cm and at the end of the surgery, we obtained a huge elongation, thickening. That first black patient of mine, at the end of the surgery, I took a step back and looked at the situation from a distance. The first thing that came to mind was: "the penis is officially out of the penis; it's a snake!"

estetik cerrahi It is a mistake to perform this surgery on people with short penises, thinking it will enlarge small penises. “Since penis’s own tissue is slided out and elongation is provided without adding anything between using the material on hand” the bigger the penis of the patient who undergo surgery, the better elongation will be. The bigger penis, better elongation!..

estetik cerrahi At this point, one must ask the following question: "who should do penile enlargement surgery, who should not undergo penile enlargement surgery; who should definitely not undergo this surgery?

estetik cerrahi I think patients should be evaluated in 3 groups. My opinion is as follows:

estetik cerrahi 1) Patients with short penis under 8 cm in penis size erection and micropenis under 5-6 cm: These patients do not benefit from elongation surgery. The penis size is short, so the extension will be in millimeters. Some surgeons operate on these patients by assuming that "penile enlargement surgery" is performed on "patients with small penile" because of its name, and when they do not get results, they come to the wrong conclusion that "the penis does not enlarge with this surgery". Patients with such short penises can only benefit from thickening. These patients who apply for surgery should be clearly explained their condition; the patient should not be given false hope by promising elongation. Some of these patients are depressed and say, "I'm thinking of committing suicide." When I said I didn't operate on patients with micropenises at a convention, one of my professor said, "Why? What should these patients do? I accept them for the surgery." I think it's a very wrong attitude. If you can't hopefully get a result for a patient whose psychology is bad, he can really commit suicide as he said. I think there's another sensible remedy for patients with micropenises, finding a bride from the Far East. The man-woman of every race is compatible with each other. Black men have big penises because black women have big hips. The penis would have to be big to reach between that hip and reach for the vagina. In the Far Eastern yellow race, the penis size of men is short because the women's body structure is small, no hips. Therefore, a man with a micropenis can satisfy a Far Eastern woman and have a happy marriage.

estetik cerrahi 2) Patients whose penis size is within the lower limit of normal sizes: for our country, normal penis size is considered between 9 and 18 centimeters. There are patients at the lower limit of this range (penis length 9-10 cm). These aren't micropenises, but they're also within the lower limit of normal sizes. I say "you should definitely have surgery" for this patient group because these patients benefit from surgery. An average elongation of about 2 cm is obtained. They have no other choice for elongation. That's why I recommend them to take their chances and undergo surgery.

estetik cerrahi 3) Patients with "good penis size": If the penis size of the patient is more than 10-12 cm, the patient may not have any problems in his sexual life with this penis size. Although the men in my country alwayssee black men in adult films and thus want bigger penis but I think it's a very wrong idea. Harmony between men and women is also important for our race. Leave the black people alone; they are compatible among themselves. For our people, 10 to 18 cm penis length is extremely sufficient. Even a longer penis can be a problem. Let me give you an example. One day, a friend of mine called me and said they had a problem. The problem with him and his wife was that they were not comfortable in any position during sexual intercourse. Even though I asked in more detail, he always gave obscure answers like this. I did not understand what the problem was. I asked him to send me a picture of the erection. In the photo he sent, I saw that his penis size was about 20 centimeters in erection. The problem was that the penis was too big. In this way, the penis cannot fully settle into the vagina, it remains like a bridge between the man and the woman; it prevents the couple from getting closer. As you can see, it's not good that the penis is too big. As a result, it is not necessary to perform a penis enlargement in patients with "good" penis size. In fact, the person is sufficient to have sexual intercourse and satisfy the woman in any way, but if desired to be better, elongation surgery works in these patients. An elongation of at least 2 cm is obtained, sometimes 3 cm, sometimes 4 cm. In other words, surgery is not required in this patient group, but good results are obtained if performed.

estetik cerrahi To sum it up:

estetik cerrahi 1) If the penis is shorter than 8 cm, I do not recommend penis elongation surgery, but thickening can be performed.

estetik cerrahi 2) If the penis is within the lower limit of normal sizes (9-10 cm in erection), I recommend that the patient undergo surgery because the penis needs enlargement, he benefits from surgery and there is no other option than surgery. Therefore, I strongly recommend them to have surgery. There will be an elongation of about two centimeters. This is not a small amount, as thickening is done, there will be satisfactory enlargement in the penis.

estetik cerrahi 3) For patients whose penis size is within normal limits (between 12-18 centimeters for our country), penis size is actually sufficient for sexual intercourse. On the other hand, it is very suitable for elongation surgery, the elongation is clearly obtained with surgery; an elongation of 2-4 cm is provided. These patients are not required to undergo surgery for penis size, but very good results are obtained if they undergo surgery.

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