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estetik cerrahi

What is Micropenis?

estetik cerrahi Throughout history, penis size has been important for men. Large penises have been seen as evidence of manhood and power, but unfortunately penis size is related to hormones and our genetic make-up and therefore varies greatly from person to person. Although it is associated with thumb size, nose size, size of shoe size, such legends have no scientific value. Such inferences are unrealistic. A person can be 2 meters tall, have a very large body structure, but have a small penis. So what is a micropenis? When is the penis big, when is the penis small, and when do we call it a micropenis? And of course, what can be done in the case of a micropenis?

estetik cerrahi First of all, the penis size varies from race to race. Normal boundaries are different in black race, different in yellow race. The generally accepted definition of a micropenis is that the average penis length of the society is being less than 2.5 times the statistical standard deviation. Let me open this up a little. I will simplify and explain. In societies, penis size averages are different. So the micropenis size of the black race and the micropenis size of the white or yellow race are not the same. Therefore, we need to know the measurement averages of our country in order to determine exactly what penis size is in the micropenis in our country. There are a few scientific studies on this subject in our country. Without going into the statistical details of these studies, I can give you the following results directly. Measurements are those in which the penis is stretched and obtained from the bottom of the penis to the penile glans. This measurement is very close to the measurement of the penis in its erect state.

estetik cerrahi Micropenis: 5 cm and below

estetik cerrahi Short penis: 5-9 cm

estetik cerrahi Normal penis size: 9-18 cm

estetik cerrahi Large penis: longer than 18 cm

estetik cerrahi Micropenis and its treatment is a problem studied all over the world. Today, there is still no safe surgical technique with sufficient results. There are two main techniques for penis enlargement:

estetik cerrahi 1-Classic penile enlargement surgery: in this surgery, the suspensory ligament at the bottom of the penis that attaches the penis to the pelvis is cut and the penis tissue is separated from the pelvis and slid outwards as block. This surgery does not actually elongate the penis tissue's own length, but because it shifts the remaining part out, the penis that appears is enlarged. It is an extremely safe operation since the penis tissue is shifted out as a block without losing its integrity. However, this technique does not work on the micropenis because the larger the penis, the better elongation is obtained. In other words, in the public language, we are "using the material available" in this method. The bigger the penis, the better the elongation. If the penis is short, elongation is not achieved. In my experience, if the penis length is 9 cm or less, you should not perform this surgery because you will not get results. In large penises, a very good elongation is obtained because the inner part is also large.

estetik cerrahi 2-Perovic technique: In this surgical technique, the tissues forming the penis are separated from each other, the penile glans is separated from the rest of the penis, and a cartilage fragment taken from the ribs is placed in between to elongate it. So the integrity of the penis is impaired, but since cartilage is added to the penis tissue, the penis tissue is literally elongated. This technique can be effective in the micropenis because it adds cartilage to the tissue of the penis, because the result is not dependent on the penis's own length. However, keep in mind that this technique is very risky. There may be very serious complications such as loss of the penile glans (partially or completely), loss of the sensation of the penile glans, emergence of erection problem, curvature of the penis, constant pain during sexual intercourse. Since it is a very risky surgery, it is certainly not a technique I can recommend.

estetik cerrahi In summary, there are two methods of penile enlargement, but neither is suitable for the micropenis. The result that can be obtained in the classical technique does not work in the micropenis because the penis is completely dependent on its own size (the larger the penis, the better results are obtained, no results can be obtained in the micropenis). In the Perovic method, surgery is not recommended as it can cause very serious complications. So what to do?

estetik cerrahi A solution that comes to mind of the family of a micropenis case patient that contacts me may be a cure for patients with micropenises: finding a bride from the Far East! As I mentioned above, the normal penis size of each race is different. I would also like to remind you that the males of all races are anatomically compatible with their females. Black men have big penises because black women have big hips. A man's penis would have to be enough big to reach between wide hips and penetrate the vagina. In the yellow race, the penis size of men is short because the hips of the Far Eastern women are narrow and no butt. Men's penis size, which is short for us, is sufficient for sexual intercourse. So if a man of our race has a micropenis - totally my advice - I wouldn't recommend having surgery; but finding a far-eastern bride can be a cure for her condition. A man of the white race with a micropenis can have a happy sex life with a Far Eastern woman.

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