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estetik cerrahi


estetik cerrahi This is one of the most frequently asked questions by patients.. "What are the risks of penis enlargement surgery?", "Let's not have bulgur at home when we go to dimyata rice..", "Will I have a problem?".. When it comes to penis enlargement surgery, these fears of our patients are natural. Therefore, it will be good to answer this question in detail. First of all, I will give general information about the subject; I will list the possible complications later.

estetik cerrahi All the complications I will talk about here are for the classical penis enlargement surgery in which the suspensory ligament is cut (I keep the perovic surgery, which is very risky, from this issue. I do not apply the perovic technique because it is a very risky surgery). The classical penis enlargement surgery, in which the suspensory ligament is cut, is an extremely safe operation. The reason for this is that we never touch the penile tissue during the operation. The surgery is performed entirely around the penis. Lengthening is achieved by cutting the suspensory ligament behind it (penile tissue freed from the pelvis is shifted out); Thickening is achieved by injecting fat under the skin. The body tissue of the penis, the head of the penis, the spongy tissue of the penis are never touched. So it is an extremely safe surgery, but is there any risk of complications? Of course there is. Then let me list these possible complications and explain what we do against them and what precautions we take.

estetik cerrahi - FAT MELTING: In our country, the nutrition regime generally depends on vegetable oils; olive oil, corn oil, sunflower oil.. For this reason, the adipose tissue taken for penis enlargement becomes loose and melts a little over time (feeding with animal fat, especially lard makes the adipose tissue more resistant and permanent). I have discussed this issue in detail in the articles and videos on my website (www.peniscerrahisi.com). We can predict how much the melting will be, according to the structure of the fat when removing the fat during surgery. If the adipose tissue is dry (like mashed potatoes), it does not melt for a long time. The longest case I have seen was a patient who came to the control 7 years after the operation and there was no meltdown in the fat we injected. Fat tissue is edematous in people fed with vegetable oil. When we filter the oil, some of it flows away. When we inject the filtered oil, we see that some of it melts within 6 months, 1 year. In these cases, we make another oil injection after 6 months. This is the second oil injection usually stays better, the effect lasts longer. Usually, after the second injection, patients do not come back any time soon. The number of patients who have had the fat injection 3 times is very limited. For example, I have been performing these surgeries since 2004, but I think the patients I have had 3 fat injections are only around 8-10 people. As you can see, there is some loss of fat in patients in our country, and the remedy for this is a second fat injection after at least 6 months. The second fat injection does not melt like the first time.

estetik cerrahi - INFECTION: The surgical site is an area that is considered medically unclean. Therefore, it should not be surprising if there is an infection in this area, but we do not see many infections in practice. After the operation, there is a Y-shaped suture on the back and bottom of the penis. There are also a few incisions in the form of a single suture point where we insert the cannula while taking fat. We cover them with dressings and discharge the patient. The patient should not open this dressing for 3 days. To date, I have seen infection in only 2 patients; when they returned home after the operation, they were curious about the result and immediately opened the dressing. The reason why we said not to open the dressing for 3 days is that the seams boil so much that they do not get infected. The patient can undress and take a shower on the evening of the 3rd day. Infection may occur if the dressing is removed early. They usually recover in a short time with antibiotics.

estetik cerrahi - OPENING IN THE SEAMS: In this surgery, an inverted Y-shaped suture is made at the base of the penis (where the suspensory ligament is cut). The most difficult part of this suture to heal is in the middle, where the three arms meet. There may be minor openings at this point. It should be taken almost naturally. Usually, this opened suture heals on its own. I only recommend applying a batikon once a day. Rarely, dressing is necessary.

estetik cerrahi - INVISIBLE RING PROBLEM: This is an interesting problem that I have encountered in 4-5 patients so far. It is usually not noticeable at all on examination (only in one of these patients I became aware of this problem on examination, prior to surgery). When the penis is soft, there is no apparent problem. When you inject fat while thickening the surgery, a knuckle is formed in one part of the penis, as if there is an invisible ring. No matter how much oil you inject, this joint does not heal. I think this is due to the growth retardation of a part of the skin. It may even be a deformity due to a congenital anomaly called "amniotic band" in medicine. Usually, 6 months pass and another oil injection is done, and the situation improves.

estetik cerrahi - ERECTION DIFFICULTY: When an excessive amount of oil is injected around the penis, this makes it harder to get an erection. Sometimes the patient has an erection problem before the operation. If excessive fat (more than 70-80 cc.) is injected around the penis during the surgery, the erection problem becomes obvious in these patients. This is because the blood that fills the spongy tissue of the penis does not have enough pressure. The excess adipose tissue injected around the penis prevents the blood with low pressure from filling into the penile tissue. Safe amount is 60 cc. is In this surgery, 60 cc. If the limit is not exceeded, there is no problem of erection. However, I do not recommend people with erectile dysfunction to have this surgery. First of all, I suggest fixing the hardening problem.

estetik cerrahi I want to make a quick note. As you can see, there is no complication related to the cutting of the most feared suspensory ligament!.. There is no serious complication that cannot be solved! With this surgery, complications such as falling of the penis (impairment of erection), loss of sensation, infertility, and erection problem (unless the amount of injected fat does not exceed 60 cc) are not experienced. Unfortunately, these are meaningless rumors spread by surgeons who have never done this surgery. A surgeon who performs this operation knows that such complications do not occur.

estetik cerrahi In conclusion, let me state again that penis enlargement surgery is an extremely safe surgery. There are problems that can be experienced, but these are problems that can always be solved. We can say that it is impossible for you to experience a permanent problem that will cause you loss. Wouldn't there be the complications I mentioned above? It can be, of course; but your surgeon has the knowledge to resolve these problems. As long as you are operated by a specialist physician who is knowledgeable about the surgery, be comfortable. Get your doctor's cell phone. In the slightest problem, send a photo to your doctor (for example, via whatsapp) and talk about your problem. It will fix your problem as soon as possible.

estetik cerrahi In this surgery, there is no such thing as "losing the bulgur wheat at home on the way to buy rice in dimyat".

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